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Part 39: Beast Within 18: Bad Kitty!

Part Eighteen: Bad Kitty!

I’m ba-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!
So in the process of double checking what the fuck I was up to last, I discovered that I had a hankering for some Weisswurst.

We have gained some white sausage! And seeing as I’m in the neighborhood already, maybe Harry will spot Gabe 14 grand?

Harry thinks Gabe’s out of his goddamn mind to be carrying around that kind of money in Munich. Harry asks if he wants to make out a will while he waits.

“Why don’t I just leave everything to you?”
“I wish you would leave everything to me.”

Gee, Harry, that’s not fucking creepy. Back to Dorn!

And he’s just the same ray of sunshine as we last saw.

Dude, I just gave you 14 grand. In cash. Crack a fucking smile already. Dorn invites Gabe inside.

There, Dorn pockets his money and we find out that Grossberg had his hand in animal smuggling. And skinning. Fuck that guy. Dorn then promises Gabe that he can get any animal into the country for him.

“What about a Hippopotamus?”

Heh. Ok, that was pretty good. Gabe asks about the one export Grossberg did. Dorn acknowledges that it was a strange order, but he got the pair shipped off to Taiwan. Probably to a restaurant. Gabe, playing a hunch asks if there’s much call for wolf-meat there. Dorn says that “those people” will eat anything. Gabe asks to see the cage, and Dorn obliges…

But forgets to warn Gabe about the new tenant. Asshole. Gabe sees something in the straw, but would rather not lose an arm.

So we give the nice kitty our weisswurst, allowing us to grab the item in the hay.

I’m glad Grossberg’s dead. I really am. Yeah, those are the “escaped wolves”. So logically, someone at the Lodge, probably Klingmann, stole the wolves out, had Von Zell or whoever contact Grossberg and arrange the sale out of the country, and the police search for escaped wolves that are now being eaten somewhere in southeast Asia.

I’m gonna enjoy nailing these lycanthropic motherfuckers to the wall. And now we ride the plot railroad as the game won’t allow us to go anywhere but Marienplatz. Because Gabe is an idiot in this game. In fact the plot train rides us straight to the Lodge.

Once there, the gang’s packing up for their trip. Gabe explains that he doesn’t have his hunting gear with him, but Von Glower says that they’ll hook him up once they’re out there.

On the way out, Klingmann is acting all twitchy, glancing around at everything. Weird.

Nice place.

Von Glower sends everyone to their rooms…except…

Hennemann and Preiss, who are now sharing Preiss’s room, as Gabriel gets Hennemann’s.

Hennemann is outraged, while Preiss seems to take a perverse smugness in the situation. I like Preiss. Too bad he’s probably one of these werewolf fucks and is gonna get a faceful of silver in his near future.

Hennemann has some comfy digs. There’s nothing in that armoire though, and across the room.

A tree. Possibly a larch. We can look out the window and down to see

A small ledge. Gabe wishes it were a bit larger.

Gonna stop there for now, but I should have another update soon. I am BACK, baby!