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Part 8: Sins of the Fathers 8: Casa Des Cazanoux

Part 8: Casa Des Cazanoux

So, we need to talk to the old bat. I suppose we could just go to her house, right?

Oh yeah, any of those options would work, wouldn’t they?? Well, might as well take the direct route and admit that Gabriel’s writing about Voodoo…

And there’s our hint as to how to get in, and we’re very lucky that Cazanoux is nearly blind. Because now we have to go to Church.

Welcome to beautiful St. Louis Cathedral, or more specifically, The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France, a very real landmark in NOLA, and is in fact the oldest Catholic cathedral in regular use in the USA. And, the designers did a fucking fantastic job in rendering it too:

Well, for shits and giggles, first let’s visit the confessionals. Just because.

Oh yeah, we gotta hear this.

“I’ve had a lot of women, Father.”
“A lot? More than ten?”
“Yes, Father.”
“More than twenty?”
“Yes, Father.”
“…More than…forty??”
“Yes, Father.”
“…Son, I don’t think this is a matter for a priest. I think you need a good therapist.”
Yes, Father.”

Ok, that was pretty awesome. Ok, on to the main event.

That door on the far right? That’s our target. Why, you ask?

Oh, it just happens to be where they keep all the clerical garb. Yeah. We’re stealing a priest’s clothes.

“I can’t resist black.”

OUR HERO!!! Big hand of applause ladies and gentlemen!! Oh, and we can check out the mirror for one other hint:

“I love my hair.”
Indicating that we need to go back to St. Georges and get a jar of hair gel from Gabriel’s bathroom. Back to Casa des Cazanoux!

So once there, we put on the priest outfit…

“All right, but this is private.”

And that being done, we now slick back Gabriel’s hair…

“The things I do for my art…”

And Voila! But there’s still something missing, although it’s not in our control. Do you want to guess what it is? Take a minute to think about it, then check the following spoiler:

Oh yes, Gabriel adopts an Irish accent that would make the Lucky Charms Leprechaun blush in shame. The Leprechaun from Leprechaun In The Hood thinks he should tone it down. But enough of that, let’s Interrogate the old bat!

And she is a loony one. Over the course of the interrogation, we learn that evil people can send snakes to attack people in their dreams…so she doesn’t sleep anymore. There are one or two interesting tidbits though…

“What can you tell me about St. John’s Eve?”
“St. John’s Eve! Mais oui! I used to love the St. John’s Eve mass at St. Louis Cathedral! Of course, it is also a night of great wickedness…worse than All Hallow’s Eve! They will corrupt anything, Father!”

She also intimates that she knows something about cabrit sans cor’ but refuses to say anything about it unless we know what it means. Also, she seems to more about Marie Laveau, but won't tell us, presumably not until we can tell her what cabrit sans cor' means. Cockteasing bitch.

Well that’s all we can do with her for now, so join us next time as Gabriel Goes To School!