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Part 10: Sins of the Fathers 10: BACK OFF, GRACE!!

Part 10: BACK OFF, GRACE!!
Ok, one thing before we get started tonight: Please do not discuss anything about GK2 or GK3 until we actually get into those games. I’m not gonna fly off the handle for previous discussion of it, but let’s deal with one game at a time. Deal? We good? Okay, on with our show for tonight.

So what to do, what to do….well, maybe we should check in with Grace. Maybe Great Uncle Wolfgang overnight FedEx’d the package he was sending? Nope, but we can ask her a couple of new things:

“Do you know anything about a secret Voodoo Hounfour?”
“In New Orleans?”
“I think so.”
“No, I don’t, but it sounds dangerous. You’re not going to try to find this Voodoo group yourself, are you?”
“Would I do that?”

Question answers itself? We can also ask Grace to do research on the veve.

“How interesting. What is it?”
“It’s a reconstruction of the tracings they’ve found around the murder victims – The ones done in flour and blood.”
“Yuck! You shouldn’t carry this kind of thing around. Who knows WHAT these symbols mean!”
“Well, wear your ‘evil banishing’ gloves if you want, but check it out for me, would you?”

That done, I think it’s time to check out the one location we haven’t seen yet: Napoleon House.

Yet another actual landmark of NOLA, the Napoleon House (currently the Napoleon House Bar & Cafe), was supposedly, according to local legend, intended to be a residence for Napoleon after his exile. There was a plot afoot to bring him to Louisiana which fell apart when he kinda died. It’s a National Historical Landmark, and is known for serving a quality Pimm’s Cup. No word if you can get your Pimm’s Cup in a Pimp Cup though.

Unfortunately my Google-fu is weak tonight, so I can’t find a circa 1993 photo to compare the render to. All the pictures I could find, however, indicate a lot more browns in the color scheme than we see here.
The bartender, Stonewall King, kind of reminds me of Paul F. Tompkins in design. Over the course of interrogation, he’ll tell us a bit about some of his regulars:

“See those old guys at the chess table? That’s Sam and Markus. They’ve played there every day for twenty years. Sam…the one with the purple jacket? He’s lost every one of those games. It’s not that he’s a bad player! I’ve seen him beat guys twice as good as Markus, but Markus has Sam so psyched out, he loses his nerve every time. By the way, Sam, the chess player? He’s into that Voodoo stuff. He’s always talking about spells and gris gris and stuff.”

Also, Gabriel suddenly realizes that there are a fucking ton of drummers in New Orleans. Did you?

Ok, that third one is kind of obvious, but overall, this is another hidden plot point. There is a reason there are guys drumming all over the city, and it ain’t loose change. Anyway, trying to talk to Sam gets us nowhere as he’s too busy getting his ass kicked at his game of chess. He’s also the only black man I’ve ever seen with a stereotypically Jewish sounding voice.

So, back to St Georges because I’m waiting for an event to trigger….and we get another stellar Tim Curry accent. Are you ready? I doubt it. You know why?
I’m sorry, but that was so out of left goddamn field that I was stunned. It…it’s beautiful….. Anyway, finally the event triggers.

Remember him from way way back in Part One? Well, Gabriel needs some cold hard cash to move forward, so I suppose we should hear him out.

“How much would you give me for it, Bruno?”
“Gabriel, don’t you DARE sell your father’s painting!”
“Stay out of this, Grace.”

Bruno then offers Gabriel $100 bucks.

“Gabriel! A hundred dollars for your father’s painting?!
“Grace, let me deal with this.”

And because we need the money, we take it.

“GABRIEL!!! I don’t believe you!”
“’s just a painting, Grace. There are things I have to do.”

And I gotta admit, I’m a little confused by Grace’s outrage here. Did she know Gabriel’s dad or something? Anyway, now off to the Dixieland Drug Store to pick up our croc mask, not to mention our lagniappe, which happens to be the ‘Master Gamblin’ Oil’…which is actually the thing we really need at this point. Oh, and while we’re here…

“I found out what cabrit sans cor’ means. How do YOU know about human sacrifice?”
“I never said those words, M’sieu’. You must have heard them from someone else.”

Yeah, fuck you too, buddy. Thank god we never have to come back to your lousy fuckin’ shop. Okay, now back to Napoleon House.

Nothing new here. So why did I come back here in such a hurry you ask? Because we need to give Sam the Master Gamblin’ Oil. And with that…

Yep, we helped an old guy win at chess. Go us! But why?? What the fuck was the point of all that? Well, Sam is a jeweler, and we just happen to have a mold of a bracelet, and he did say he owed us one…

And so, with that, we’ll call it a night, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll start getting some answers to the mystery soon….