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Part 2: Sins of the Fathers 2: Let's Steal Evidence!

Part 2: Let's Steal Evidence!
As stated before, to Grandmother’s house we go!

“How you doing Gran?”

“I’m right as rain, dear!”

Gabriel’s Grandma is probably one of 2 women Gabriel would never, ever take advantage of. She’s a sweet old thing who knits baby sweaters for the church. We’ll learn a little more about her in a bit, but first let’s go upstairs and check out Gabriel’s dad’s stuff.

We need to check out that clock, and the trunk it’s sitting on. Into the trunk first. All that lays inside are a pair of lederhosen, some books in German, and love letters between Gabriel’s dad and mom. There’s also a book on the arm of that chair by the stairs.

“I think I’ll take Daddy’s sketchbook with me.”
Time to play with the clock, one of the earliest tricky puzzles in the game.

Now this is goddamned hard, and there’s no clue I’ve seen to know the answer ahead of time. You need to pick a symbol to be at the top of the clock, select a time, and then turn the key. (For the record, that works out to over 72 possible answers to the puzzle.)Here’s the solution, which causes the clock to open...

revealing a photo and a letter, which we take.

The photo is of Gabriel’s Grandfather standing with 2 other men in front of a castle somewhere. The letter is a little more promising. It’s addressed to a man named Heinz Ritter, sent from a place called Schloss Ritter in Germany, and is from a Wilhelm Ritter. And one of the words strewn throughout is “Schattenjäger”. However, Gabriel doesn’t speak a word of German so he can’t read a word of it. At any rate, let’s interrogate Grandma.

Grandma doesn’t know much about Voodoo or the Voodoo Muders, but she’s able to reveal some info on a few more topics, namely that Gabriel’s Grandad used to mutter the word Schattenjäger in his sleep, and that his name was in fact Heinz Ritter until he emigrated to America from Germany. Also, all the men in Gabriel’s family have suffered from chronic nightmares.

“Since you’re so interested in family history these days, why don’t you go by St. Louis Cemetery #1 and visit the family tomb? It would be a sweet gesture.”

With that, the Cemetery is unlocked on the map screen. Well, I think visiting a cemetery right after we visit an ancient elderly relative is kind of bad taste, so let’s go to the park instead.

Here at the Jackson Square Park, there are 4 different areas to explore. Down here, the only thing of interest is the motorcycle cop. We need to get him away from his bike somehow so we can use the radio to find the crime scene. But how do we do it? Well, we need the natural enemy of Police everywhere…

MIMES!!! The Mime will follow anyone who gets close, be it random NPC or Gabriel. The solution here is to get the mime to follow Gabriel all the way to the bike cop, HOWEVER, if you pass too close to anyone on the way, the Mime decides to follow them instead, and if that happens, you have to start all over again, which can be kind of a pain in the ass. However, if you succeed, the cop chases the Mime, leaving his bike unattended for a few precious moments.

And with that, the latest Crime Scene has been added to the greater New Orleans map. Let’s check it out!

So the fellow in the yellow coat is Gabriel’s friend Detective Mosely, voiced by Mark Hamill. Keep in mind this was before his role on Batman became general knowledge to youngsters, who would shit their pants if they knew that the Joker was Luke Fucking Skywalker. So this was kind of a big deal.

“Hey, Mostly.”

“Huh? Knight, you wiener, I told you not to call me that!”

Mosely gives us a peek at the corpse, another heart ripped out, so definitely the work of the Voodoo Killers. Gabriel comments that this is kind of a public area, and Mosely agrees, saying that the Killers are ghosts like that. And then, a car pulls up.

Inside is Malia Gedde, one of the New Orleans elite. Mosely reassures her that there’s no problem here, and she drives off.

“I’m in love.”
With that, Mosely tells Gabriel he’ll see him at the police station, and everyone leaves. Now, we can make a sketch of the marks on the ground where the body was found.

And there’s some grass matted over by that tree…

A snake scale! We’ll just pocket some crime scene evidence because why not? Also, we can pick up a lump of clay from the river bed (which will come in handy much later). And with that, we finish up this update, and next time we’ll see what Mosely has to tell us.