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Part 7: Sins of the Fathers 7: Fun With Phones!

Part 7: Fun With Phones!

So Day 3 of Gabriel’s increasingly weird week begins with Grace telling Gabe that she’s got a few listings for the name Cazanoux, and then expresses disbelief that Gabriel is intent on continuing his pursuit of Malia Gedde.

“You underestimate the Knight family’s ‘Tragic Poet-Samurai’ appeal.”

I don’t think that’s an actual thing, Gabriel. Also, your family is German, so shouldn’t Grace’s family have “Tragic Poet-Samurai Appeal”? Anyway, Grace also has messages! First one’s from Mosely, who wants Gabriel to join him in interrogating a suspect. Next…

“That man from Germany called again. Wolfgang Ritter? Now he’s claiming to be a relative of yours. I took down his number. If you change your mind and want to give him a call back, just ask me for it.”

Naturally, we get the number: 4-909-324-3333. How the hell do people in Europe remember all these goddamned numbers? And finally we’ll check today’s paper because there’s always something interesting to find.

Um, spoke too soon?

Actually, this part is very interesting, and we’ll need to check out that lecture later.

“Lighten up!”
Ok, seriously Gabriel, this horoscope writer is better than the possessed fortune machine in PHANTASMAGORIA!, you may want to take their advice a little more seriously. Anyway, on to Gabriel’s personal workspace:

And as you might expect, it’s kind of a shithole. So first, I think we better knuckle under and pay some international calling charges and find out who this Wolfgang fellow is.

So I ended up recording the conversation for you all because, well, it’s too hard to transcribe the whole damn thing. Basically, Wolfgang introduces himself as Gabriel’s great-uncle, and says that Gabriel must leave New Orleans immediately because he is “in great danger”, and should come to his ancestral home of Schloss Ritter, in Rittersburg West Germany (The game is set before the Wall fell I guess). Gabriel tells him even if he wanted to go to Europe, he doesn’t have the money, but Wolfgang at least secures a promise from Gabriel that he’ll read a journal that Wolfgang is sending, then call him back.
That being done, our next task in here is to track down the correct Cazanoux!

So we’ve got 4 different entries. Well, no way around it, gotta check ‘em all! Luckily, we hit paydirt on the 3rd entry, as a little dog starts yapping in the background, and the Mme Cazanoux we met earlier was carrying a dog. However, this phonebook sucks because if you didn’t notice there are no fucking addresses. So what are we to do? Well, the hint is actually right there in the phone book, let’s look at that page again:

Yep, it’s big as life right there, the solution is to call the vet on the old dame. And the lady there is thick as a fucking brick too. Seriously, watch that video and try not to facepalm. Well, that done, we have a drawing to pick up. To the park!

Oh, here’s an updated map of the French Quarter. And yes, the puppy face is the Cazanoux home.

So the artist is creeped out by the completed drawing, it can’t be that bad, can it?

On the other hand, it could look like something out of the Simon Necronomicon. Just checking out the rest of the park…

And things get weird, because then that lady starts dancing like a loon. After she sits down, in a matter of seconds she shouts out “Come on boys, Hoopla!” and start dancing again. Riiight. Well, I guess we should see Mosely first.

“YOU! Give me back my badge. NOW, Knight!!”
“Sure, thanks for letting me ‘borrow’ it.”

Gabriel Knight, Class Act. Anyway, Mosely is interrogating an informant who goes by the name Crash. Crash might know something, but he’s too busy trying not to pee himself out of terror to reveal it. Eventually, Mosely just sends him back to the lockup out of frustration and comments that they’ll have to let him go in 24 hours.

And with that, we’ll stop for the night, and next time we’ll see just how fucking low Gabriel will stoop to talk to Mme Cazanoux. Hint: It’s probably about as low as you expect.