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Part 6: Sins of the Fathers 6: Bring Fresh Cash?? Dafuq?

Part 6: Bring Fresh Cash?? Dafuq?

Ok, where the fuck were we? Oh yeah, we wanted to get to know Malia Gedde. And if you though the hot dog puzzle was BULLSHIT, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!

So, first, we need to hit the police station, and you can see that the thermostat is apparently being worked on.

Gabriel, being Gabriel, decides to fuck with it because why not? The cops, being lazy, do nothing to stop us.

Yeah, let’s crank that mother! Ok, next step is to chat with Mosely.

Notice that because of the heat, he’s taken off his coat now. Now we need to ask him for a cup of joe.

“Coffee? You want coffee?”
“Should that surprise you?”
”Nah, you’ve always been a caffeine addict. It’s just that the stuff we got here hardly qualifies.”
”So, I’m desperate.”
“It’s your stomach. I’ll get you some when we’re done talkin’.”
“That long?”
“All right! I’ll go now!’

Aaand off he goes. So, being Mosely’s friend we do the logical thing and steal his fucking badge.

Our hero, ladies and gentlemen! However, with the badge in hand, we can now persuade Tim Curry the butler to let us in to speak to Malia.

And here’s where things get sexy. Because what woman wouldn’t want a little Curry? At any rate, most of the interrogation scene goes nowhere, Malia dodging or avoiding every question until you hit the last option….”FLIRT WITH HER”:

“Excuse me, but…your eyes are really distracting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a color quite like that brownish-gold. It’s so deep and rich. Man, if I could bottle that, I’d make a fortune.”


“Thank you, Detective. That’s an…interesting observation, though probably not relevant to your case.”
“A good detective never knows what might be relevant, Ms. Gedde.”
“Then you must be truly exceptional at your job. But I think this has gone on long enough. You’re not really a detective, are you?”
“Who, me? Well I am on this case, Ms. Gedde.”
“I saw you at the lake yesterday. I thought you must be with the police since you were there, but you don’t act like a police officer. Besides, I’m rather certain that the other man said his name was Mosely.”


“All right, you caught me. I’m not with the police. My name is Gabriel Knight. I’m a writer working with Detective Mosely on a book.”
“Well, Mr. Knight, now that we’ve established who you are, perhaps you can tell me the real reason you’re here?”
“Well, I *am* researching the book and thought you might have seen or heard something at the lake…”
“I don’t like liars, Mr. Knight.”

And with that she has Tim Curry throw Gabriel’s ass out. And with that, I realize that I forgot to do something important back at Magentia Moonbeam’s house. Namely, that I should’ve shown her the copy we made of the Voodoo code we found on the side of Marie Laveau’s tomb. Yeah, that’s on me.

“Do these symbols mean anything to you?”
“Ah! The Voodoo code! It is very secret, yes? I studied it with my mentor, the great Queen Tabitha.”
“Really? Great! Can you tell me what it says?”
“Hmm. Let me see. Well, some of it is nonsense, I’m afraid. Whoever wrote this wasn’t very good.”
“That’s all right. Just tell me what it says.”
“It starts with a ‘D’ and ‘J’. Then…okay, this part makes sense. It says ‘conclave tonight bring’…then there’s more nonsense. ‘F’, ‘W’, ‘E’, ’T’, ’K’, ’A’, ’S’, ’H’.”

Magentia thinks whoever wrote it meant to say “fresh cash”, but that’s because she suuuuucks at this. So to conclude our day, we return to St. Georges. Grace has no messages, and Gabriel asks her to research Mme. Cazanoux. Why? Well I guess he had a hunch, but it’s one that will pay off later, never fear.

“Madame Cazanoux? Is she ‘related to the murders’ the same way your ‘friend’, Malia Gedde, was?”
“Grace! Cazanoux’s at least seventy!”
“As if that makes a difference to you. Okay, I’ll see what I can find.”

And with that, Grace and Gabriel close out the day, as I close out this update. Next time, INTRIGUING DEVELOPMENTS IN THE VOODOO MURDERS CASE!!!

Actually, not really. But don’t tell Mosely that.