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Part 23: Beast Within 2: I Don't Speak Good German

Part Two: I Don't Speak Good German
Ok, let’s actually try to do something. First let’s take a look at our inventory:

Left to right, we have an unfinished manuscript of Gabriel’s…

“Blake Backlash”??? Oh Jesus, no wonder Gabe’s broke. Take away his typewriter on general principles. Next is his notepad, all clicking on it gets us is Not-Tim Curry saying “My Notebook.” Gee, thanks, I never would have guessed. Next is his tape recorder, I’m just gonna assume it does the same thing as the last game…and then he has a business card:

“Little too tasteful if you ask me. Gracie ordered them.”

Riiiight. And last, but not least, we have the Talisman. So yeah, nothing too important here. So in the room proper, we can click the big ol’ crucifix on the wall, so let’s start there.

“I take it the Hubers are Catholic.”

Ok, wow, that was an important detail to include. What about this cabinet in the middle of the room, what’s there?

“China. How homey.”

Oh god, Phantasmagoria flashbacks are kicking in…I have a sudden urge to find some corpse wine…at the foot of the china cabinet is a dufflebag, which I assume is Gabriel’s.

Let’s see, I can see a grey t-shirt and some jeans, yeah, that’s his all right. We take out the Ritter Dagger, a letter from “Ubergrau”, a letter from Grace, and Gabriel’s wallet. So who or what is an Ubergrau?

Ahhh, a lawyer. And as we can see, Gabriel did put the money taken from the Tetelo Cult to good use. Out of morbid curiosity, I can’t help but wonder if those names are a Three Stooges-style joke. Let’s just load up Google Translate and…”About Grey, Hope, and Quick”. Guess not. So let’s see what Grace has to say:

So it seems Grace’s theory at the end of GK1 was correct: While the Ritters did not possess the Talisman, their fortunes dropped, but while Gabriel has it, his star is on the rise. Go figure. As for the dagger,

It looks sufficiently bad-ass. We can’t open Gabriel’s wallet to look for loose change or a 10 year old condom though, so let’s explore more of the room if we can.

Okay, well, there’s a note to our left…

Really? They’re letting Gabriel borrow their car? No, wait, they have a car?? So what was with the funerary procession to his door?

Well, we grab the keys (with rabbit’s foot)….and like I said, going in blind, but why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the rabbit’s foot is going to be important later? There’s some papers on the table, better read those…

Oh, well, the first set is actually some blank paper which Gabriel uses to write a quick letter to Grace. But the game won’t let us read it at this point. Seeing as idonotlikepeas was good enough to say that Grace will show up later, I’m sure we’ll get to read it at that point. What else is on the table?

Uh huh. Ok. Gabriel puzzles out a few key points…the name of the Zoo, the investigating officer, Leber, and that the Zoo in question is in “Prinzregentenplatz”, or as we Anglos would call it, “Prince Regent Square”. Otherwise, a quick type into Google tells me that it pretty much says what you would expect. “VE KNOW NOSSINK! NOSSSSINK!” There’s also a phone, but that does nothing for us at this time. And I can click on the mirror…


That is not a leather trenchcoat. FAIL.

Well, we can go into that door to the left of the car, so let’s do that.

Or we can stand in front of them until I click it again. That’s good too.

So we have a bag of Quick-Drying cement and a bucket. Well, that’ll be useful if it turns out the killer is a werecoyote instead I guess. Back outside, I suppose.

And we use the keys on the car to open up the map screen and…

Ooookaaaay, this is kind of daunting to say the least. Holy, fuck. However, a quick inspection tells me that the yellow boxes are possible destinations, so let’s hit up Prince Regent Square and talk to Kriminalkommissar Leber.

And if you thought that Desk Sargeant Frick was hard to get past, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Gabriel manages to tell this guy that he wants to see Leber, and shows him his card.

He is not impressed.

Neither am I. He makes a brief call, and when he hangs up, says a bit in German, but the two phrases that stick out most are “NEIN.” Followed by “Auf Wiedersehen”. Gabriel leaves, and he mutters “Amerikaner.” under his breath. Well, that was helpful.

NEXT TIME: I have no idea, I’m just winging it.