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Part 42: Beast Within 21: Holy Fucking Plotdump!

Part Twenty-One: Holy Fucking Plotdump!

Dream sequence!

So I guess Grace is dreaming of making out with Ludwig for…reasons. Except then Ludwig transforms…

No. No no no. I do not want to see Gabriel and Grace get together. Please don’t let this happen.

Then Ludwig shows up again, pointing off somewhere.

Oh, dream Ludwig had a portrait of dream Grace commissioned.

Grace whispers in Gabriel’s ear “Beware the Black Wolf”, and then a shitton of flashbacks occur mainly to remind us that Von Zell was a blonde, while Von Glower has black fucking hair, how can you not have noticed that you Southern-fried jackass?!?


Sorry about that. Following that, Gabriel wakes up.

And proceeds to have what I can only describe as a Lycanthropy induced seizure.

But it’s okay, Ludwig is there…GAH! Fucking ghosts!

And now we flashback to Ludwig, getting some scrolls out of a cupboard.

Which he then stashes in hidey-holes

All over

The castle.

He goes to pray, then leaves the chapel.

On his way to the tower, well, the posse shows up.

No idea who this douchebag is.

As Ludwig is carted away, he gives the last scroll to this old lady.

Telling her to ignore his hilarious fake mustache and to keep it with his heart. Then after he’s finished drowning the doctor and is about to off himself, he looks at a gold locket, revealing…

WHAT A TWIST!!!! Oh, wait, no, no it isn’t. Ludwig hurls it further into the lake.

Gabriel is mightily confused and so am I because he has a visitor.

Grace runs over to him, ignoring his shouts to get out.

Looks like Grace moved him back to Rittersburg, and is keeping him in the Rathaus (god I love that word) dungeon.

Grace checks on him, and he freely admits he fucked up, in those exact words. Grace says she found him by filing a “Deed of Entitlement” in the name of The Black Wolf, which came back in Von Glower’s name, so she threatened to kill Werner if he didn’t cough up the location. Apparently on the ride there, Gabriel was ranting about the vision of Ludwig, so Grace is going to go check it out, while Gabriel stays…locked…in...the…dungeon. I don’t have much confidence in this plan.

And it turns out Gabriel has mail?

I think we can all safely assume that this is not a get well card.

Actually he sent the Schattenjager talisman along with a lengthy letter. To sum up: Von Glower started the hunting club as a method of scouting out people he could possibly turn. Von Zell was a failed experiment, and for all intents and purposes, Von Glower used Gabriel to kill him. In addition, Von Glower was going to change Gabriel anyway, but was going to ease him into it. Because he’s sooo lonely.

Well, let’s go apologize to Werner I guess.

And I guess we’ll talk to the crazy lady eventually too. Well, actually, Werner doesn’t want to talk on account of the death threat and all. Ok, Crazy Lady.

Mrs Smith confirms that Gabriel’s only chance is to kill Von Glower. And here’s where Grace makes a connection that I missed: Von Glower’s original name was Von Ralick, and was the son of that particular werewolf. (If you forget who Von Ralick is, we talked about him way back in Part 9) Also, we could connect further and assume that the chubby kid in the opening cinematic was young Von Glower.

And hang on, if Gabriel’s only chance at avoiding being a lifelong member of Lycanthropes Anonymous is to kill Von Glower….why do we still need the opera??? Hopefully that will be answered NEXT TIME.