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Part 38: Beast Within 17: Eskimo Brothers!

Part Seventeen: Eskimo Brothers!

Onward with Gabriel!!

So Gabriel’s just hanging with Von Glower and is telling him a little about Grace, when in walks…

I believe her name is Greta, and she wastes no time at all in just grinding all over Von Glower. Gabriel offers to leave, so Von Glower whispers in her ear and…

No, Gabriel, don' don't know where that's been. Like Von Zell. Actually, maybe this is just my Pacific Northwest sensibilities, but this is kinda fucked up.

Gabriel tries to decline, but Von Glower says something about Gabriel “living like a monk in that castle down south.”

Gabriel just told the obvious villain where he lives. Bravo.

I never want to see Not-Tim Curry’s post-coital glow again thanks very much. He drifts off and…

Uh…well, Von Glower inspects the Schattenjager Talisman (which looks like it’s the size of a dinner plate, that thing can not be comfortable to sleep with), and then…

Well, now I think we know why Von Glower’s been so interested in him. Come morning (no pun intended)

We have a little note from the good Baron, and we head to the map screen. And as an aside, WHO THE FUCK WRITES A NOTE LIKE THAT IN FULL CALLIGRAPHY?!? Well, I think we should go to Lochham first and check the news…but Gabriel disagrees. Okay, then we better get our mail. To Ubergrau!

He hands over the letter, and Gabriel won’t talk to him about anything else until he gets the tape recorder back from the club. Well, we should still read the thing first I think.

Except that Gabriel thinks that Grace is full of shit because he’s a fucking moron. Ah well, let’s go get his fucking tape player.

At the door, weasel-boy warns Gabriel that he should be on time or the hunting party will leave without him. Gabriel shrugs it off.

Once there, despite the lack of ANYONE ELSE IN THE FUCKING ROOM, Gabriel goes through a whole song and dance to sneak his recorder back out of the magazine and into his jacket. And then my game crashes because the fates are against me finishing this LP. Seriously, just out of nowhere. So after replaying that whole sequence, and seeing as Von Zell and Preiss were likely speaking German, I think our best course of action is to return to Ubergrau.

So Gabriel plays the tape, and you just need to watch the video. Bottom line is that Von Zell is getting worried about Gabriel getting too close.

Gabriel then asks about the missing persons cases, and Harry pulls out a file that shows that in 1960-1969 there were only about 2 cases per year…but the number skyrockets up following 1970, peaking at around 17 for 1991. Damn.
Well, there’s nothing else to do with Harry, so what to do, what to do….saaaaay, know who we haven’t heard from in a while?

Awww yeah! Leber wastes no time in starting to shout, especially when Gabriel asks to see Herr Grossberg’s ledgers.

He absolutely refuses unless Gabriel can prove that Grossberg was more than just a random victim.

So, smug as all hell, Gabriel plays the tape for him.

Leber doesn’t take it well. Gabriel cuts off his angry tirade, and says in exchange for a look at the ledgers, he’ll give information. So Leber calls them in and leaves the office to collect himself, but not before threatening Gabriel with German prison before he leaves.

So Gabriel, being Gabriel, steals evidence. Leber returns, and demands to know how Gabriel got the tape. Gabriel admits that Kingmann, Preiss, and Von Zell all attend the same gentlemen’s club, which is near where the body was found. Leber thanks him and says they’ll put the club under surveillance. Gabriel doesn’t want that because that’ll get in the way of all his Schattenjagering, so he tells Leber that the club is called “The Happy Wanderer” near the University. Afterwards, we have a new locale to visit, Herr Langstrasse and his exotic import/export business.

Except he’s not really the talkative sort. Apparently Grossberg owed this fellow around 14 grand, and he refuses to talk until he gets his motherfucking money. And of course Gabriel isn’t just walking around with that in his pocket. Or his suitcase. Or his castle.

NEXT TIME: The Quest For Cash!