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Part 16: Sins of the Fathers 16: Calling Uncle Wolfgang

Part Sixteen: Calling Uncle Wolfgang

All right, it’s time for a plot dump! Let’s ring that crazy old uncle and see what’s what!

“Gabriel! It is so good to hear your voice! I had such a dream last night!”
“There’s a good reason for that, Uncle Wolfgang. We need to talk!”
Gabriel then fills in Wolfgang on everything off-camera.
“Ach! It is even worse than I thought!”
“You bet it is! We have to talk about what I’m supposed to do!”

And so we begin interrogating our elderly Great-Uncle over the phone. Nothing really new comes up until we get to here:
“What can you tell me about Schattenjägers?”
“Yes! Of course! I sometimes forget how little you know of the family, Gabriel. I never understood how Heinz could allow his sons to remain ignorant…!”

They really should have inserted some German cursing here. There really is no better language to swear in. Maybe Klingon.

“But now is not the time for that discussion. Schattenjäger is really two words in English, Gabriel; Schatten means ‘shadow’ and Jäger means ‘hunter’.”
“Shadow Hunter?”
“Yes, Shadow Hunter. We Ritters have been Schattenjägers for many centuries. No one is sure when it began, or how, but we have records of ancestors as early as the 13th century fulfilling this role. Some believe that the role was given to us when…Ah, but such fantasies cannot be of use to you at the moment, Gabriel.”

Uncle Wolfgang also fills us in a little on Tetelo and the Talisman she stole. He confirms that Tetelo controls the cult by possessing her female descendants and ordering the killings, and she’s become an insanely powerful Loa thanks to the theft of the Talisman.

“It was in the family for centuries before Tetelo took it. It is believed to be as old as the role of Schattenjäger itself. The Talisman has genuine power, I don’t know how or why, but it is so. The Schattenjägers swore to use the power for good, never for evil – for defense, not offense.”

Soooo, the Schattenjägers are using the Light Side of the Force?? Anyway, Wolfgang tells Gabriel that the Talisman must be buried with Tetelo’s remains, but he has no idea where those remains are. He figures they’re either in NOLA or in her ancestral homeland. Gabriel fills him in on what Hartridge found out regarding that: The Republic of Benin. Wolfgang tells Gabriel to carefully investigate where the remains *might* be in N’awlins, but not to approach any of the cult’s sanctum locations without him.

So there we have it. Gabriel’s family secret is that he is descended from a line of witch hunting, undead busting, badasses. And yes, Uncle Wolfgang is pretty badass himself, although we won’t find out just how badass for awhile yet. (Although you might recognize his voice actor as Alfred from Batman TAS among many, many other roles.) Going out into the main office of St. George’s Books, it’s time to check the news!

“God help me, I’m actually starting to listen to this guy!”

YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO HIM FOR OVER A WEEK NOW. Well, I can only think of one place that might have some bodies related to the Gedde family stacked up like cordwood, and it happens to be labelled. To the Cemetery!

Um. Kay. That wasn’t there before. Unfortunately, Gabriel’s the kind of guy who sees a big red button, he’s just gotta push it. All it does is open the tomb however. But it’s pitch black inside, and we can’t see shit because the doors close automatically behind Gabriel. Turns out that Gabriel has a flashlight in his room I missed picking up. Whoops.

So upon returning to the Gedde Tomb, this is all we can see at a time with our flashlight. There’s nine drawers, and some broken glass on the ground.

Most of the drawers just have the same thing…in fact, eight of them do. Until we check the middle one.

Yes friends, Detective Mosely has been unceremoniously crammed into the Gedde Tomb. And apparently, someone realized that was kind of a stupid idea because Gabriel is knocked out from behind, and when he comes to, checking the drawer again…

Being a good friend, we hold onto Mosely’s wallet for safe keeping. Nothing else to do here, we return to St. George’s.

“Where have you been? I was worried about you!”
“For good reason, apparently.”
“What happened? Do you need a doctor?”
“Nothing you want to know about, and no, just some aspirin.”
“Gabriel, this is nuts; you HAVE to get out of New Orleans.”
“No kidding.”
“Well, listen. Wolfgang called while you were out. He said, and I quote, ‘Tell Gabriel that I found what I was looking for. It’s time for me to do my duty. Schloss Ritter is his now.' Now, call me crazy, but I DON’T think that’s good news.”
“Not for Uncle Wolfy, no.”
“What are you going to do?”
“If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.”

Calling Uncle Wolfgang results in his maid or whoever telling Gabriel that he’s unavailable. So, what to do, what to do…well, the answer is actually already in our inventory. The phone book page.

We’re goin’ to Germany.

But how to pay? Well….remember how we found Mosely’s wallet in the tomb? It just so happens that, well, his credit card is in there, and he’s kinda dead now, so…

“Charge it to my Americans Repressed. The name is Mosely.”

Ok, I hate the pun name of the card, but I can’t help at chuckle at Gabriel just nonchalantly using his dead friend’s credit card to book himself an international flight. He’s such a wonderful bastard.

NEXT TIME: To Rittersburg!