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Part 4: Sins of the Fathers 4: Voodoo History and You!

Part 4: Voodoo History and You!
(Author's note: I realized how much you guys and gals are missing out on the music because of STUPID, STUPID DOSBOX! I HATE YOU!...So, I'm going to get some more music tracks up in this bitch! Enjoy and on with the show!)

So Gabriel stumbles out of bed yet again.

“Good morning. Don’t you look swell today…actually, swollen.”
“Seriously, you look like hell. Your hair is sticking straight up like a… Oh. It always does that. Never mind.”
“Ha. Ha.”
“Did you dream about the fire and the hanged guy and that lion thing last night?”
Leopard, not lion. Did you get anything on Malia Gedde?”
“Well, I did get her address, but you’re a little out of your league here, big fella. The Geddes own three local hospitals, just to name a few of their assets. They run in VERY high circles.”
“Did you get an address?”
“I got the address. I suppose this has nothing to do with the fact that Malia Gedde is incredibly gorgeous. I should have known you wouldn’t go for a rich, UGLY socialite.”
“And that address is…?”
“Hey, far be it from me to postpone your total humiliation. It’s 557 W. Ingrahm. That’s the Garden district. Estate city.”
“That’s all I wanted to know. And yes, my dear, Malia Gedde is the most dangerous-looking diversion I’ve EVER seen. Ouch!”
So first we’ll do what we’re supposed to do every day…check the newspaper.

“I feel a dark star rising all right! Grrrowl!”
As silly as this dialogue is, I can’t help but love it because, well, CAJUN TIM CURRY. Anyway, something I guess I should have done earlier ( ) is look at the books on the shelf against the wall. There’s a section “Secrets of Unsolved Ancient UFO Mysteries” (Wonder if there’s a section on surviving a nuclear blast in a fridge?), and a set of German books that belonged to Gabriel’s grandfather, which feature this poem:
Drei Drachen.
Drei Drachen kriechen in meinen Schlaf,
die Seele woll’n sie lebendig zum Frass.
Feurigen Atems, gespaltener Zunge
geniessen sie jedes Mahl.

Three Dragons.
Three dragons creep into my sleep,
the spirit wanting life in its repast.
Fiery breath, forked tongue
they enjoy each meal.

“That’s nice. Kind of creepy, though. Who’s the author?”
“Let’s see…Heinz Ritter. Heinz Ritter! No wonder it gives me chills.”

If you don’t remember why it would give Gabriel chills, look back in Part 2. There’s also a book on snakes which Gabriel flicks through, mostly concerning how constrictor snakes sense vibrations.

“Hmmm. Did you know that medieval legends about dragons and giant worms are actually based on snakes? You know, dragons, devils, sea monsters-they’ve always been associated with snakes.”
“Grace, get a life.”

Anyway we’re off for another day of exploring scenic New Orleans! And seeing as he wasn’t there yesterday, let’s go meet Dr. John, owner of the Voodoo Museum.

The Voodoo Museum

So there’s the man himself, and as you can see, he’s a damn big guy. Well, he should be, because he’s Michael Dorn!! So we have Cajun Tim Curry and Haitian Worf. This game is amazing.

“Welcome, my friend.”
“I am the proprietor, Dr. John. If you have any questions, I will be happy to assist.”
“Great. My name is Knight, and I’ll probably take you up on that. Quite a place you have here.”
“Thank you, Mr. Knight. I have dedicated myself to the preservation of this unique culture. It is gratifying to see others reap the fruits I have sown.”

Enough small talk, let’s interrogate! And this gives us a big history lesson on Voodoo, so I really recommend you watch the video because it’s interesting as hell. Dr. John denies knowing anything about cabrit sans cor’, but over the course of the info dump, we learn that the most powerful Voodoo Queen was Marie Laveau, and she is added to our list of topics to question people about. He also refers us to a local Voodooienne (Voodoo Priestess) named…Magentia Moonbeam. Yeeaaaah. And she’s about what you expect with a name like that, but we’ll meet her later. First, let’s visit the last location we didn’t get a chance to on day 1, the cemetery.

On the way out of the museum, Gabriel gives the wishing stump a rub.

St. Louis Cemetery #1

And here we are. The tomb in front of us is actually supposed to be Marie Laveau’s tomb. We can take a closer look at the markings.

“I want a copy of these strange marks.”
So we copy them into Gabriel’s sketchbook. Now we need to go track down the groundskeeper who wanders around randomly through the cemetery.

Oh good, he didn’t go far.
“I’m sorry to bother you…”
“Yeah? What can I do for you?”
“You must enjoy the company of dead folks.”
“Unlike the living, they ain’t never given me any reason to dislike them none.”

Interrogation time! The groudsman, Toussaint Gervais, doesn’t have a lot of new info for us beyond telling us that the Laveau tomb always has weird markings and offerings left around it, as does another tomb, one of the “great family tombs” as he puts it, and lets drop that once he even found a severed penis there. Yuck. Also, Dr. John is at the cemetery almost daily. Interesting. We’ll check out the rest of the cemetery then.

Gee, I wonder WHICH tomb that might have been that Gervais was talking about?? Well, let’s call it for now, and next time we’ll go visit Magentia…and it will be the doofiest part of the game, I assure you.

(Side note: Sorry for the general lack of snark that my previous LP's have had...this game is THAT good, and you really should pick it up right now.)