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Part 19: Sins of the Fathers 19: Uncle Wolfgang

Part 19: Uncle Wolfgang

So, here we are in Africa. I expected more. Needless to say, we need to enter the mound.

Kaaaay. Apparently there are just mummified corpses all over the place as well. Nice. So let’s take a look at that thing on the wall.

Prepare yourselves for what may be the most frustrating goddamned puzzle in the whole game. No joke, this took me FOREVER to figure out. There are 12 rooms we can enter, and each one either has a tile on the wall like the one above, or there’s a space to put one. Two of them cannot be removed at all. We need to put all the tiles in the correct order. The two that can’t be removed are tiles 7 and 12. If you want to watch me stumble around, feel free but oh my fucking God I hate this puzzle. Your best bet to solve it is to just grab all the tiles to start and circle until you reach room #7:

Once there, work your way back around until you get back to room #8 or #6.

Oh, and make sure to grab that snake-shaped rod in room #9. We’re gonna need that. Once all the tiles are in place, go to room #3.

Then, SAVE YOUR GAME because this is where the shit really hits the fucking fan. Because I’m not gonna lie: You’re going to get a game over here. Repeatedly. Why? Because when you’re in room #3, you push the snake rod into the hole in the center of the tile and….

FUCKING ZOMBIES!!! Yeah, ALL the dead bodies come back from the dead and are focused on one thing:

Ripping Gabriel’s heart from his chest for a snack. Yuck.

Our first official game over screen! The only way through this is to run north until you reach room #6 which has several zombies. At which point Gabriel needs to grab some hanging vines and swing into room #7.

And finally, we meet the man himself as he fucking ninja dives from the ceiling to grab that torch and swing it at the zombies.

“Gabriel Knight, I presume?”
Uncle Wolfgang?
“In person! Now go to it, boy! I can’t hold these creatures for very long, and there are more on the way!”

In the now opened portal, there’s another opening we can shove our snake rod into (Christ that sounds dirty), and once that’s done...

our octogenarian great uncle ninja dives through the door as it closes behind us.

Uncle Wolfgang is fucking metal.

Once on the other side, the zombies all collapse, and we can now interrogate our elderly relative…but he isn’t looking so hot. And he doesn’t really have anything new to add at this time, so we move onto the next screen to the right.

And here we are.

“What’s that trough for?”
“I saw that. This is undoubtedly a sacrificial table. That trough is for a human heart.”
“That’s sick!”

Too true. But that table is also holding the Talisman, and we need in it. Trying to just open it does nothing, so we need to use those iron bars on the wall and thread them through the lid.

That done, Gabriel and Wolfgang try to open it again, to no avail.

“Damn it! I know it’s in there!”
“Yes. It IS in there. I have not felt this powerful since…well, ever.”
“Why won’t the damn lid come off?”
“It is a sacrificial table. It can probably only be triggered by the proper use of that trough there…with a heart.”
“Oh, great! Where are WE going to get a heart?”
“Gabriel. You must take the talisman and be Schattenjager. You performed the ritual and dreamt of the dragon, no?”
“Yes, I did! But, you’re the current Schattenjager, I only did that because…”
“Because you were driven to it. I have done nothing with the title for many years. Even in my prime, I had few cases…*sigh* No, if my life had a purpose, it was to bring YOU to this point.”
“But I have NO idea what I’m doing!!”
“It is not a science, Gabriel! It is instinct, and you have it in your blood. Trust it. The castle is yours now. It has many documents and records which will help you in the future.”
“Well, thanks for the confidence, but what about this table?”
“I want you to go into the next room and get the heart from that dead creature on the floor.”
“Will that work? Doesn’t it need to be…fresh?”
“Let us try. Perhaps there’s some of the old Ritter magic left. Go on.”

I just want to note that this is a really well acted scene. So we go back to the other room here…

“Great! My first job as Schattenjager…cutting up dead monsters.”

We use the Schattenjager dagger on the zombie, but…


So, knowing that only a real, living heart will work, Wolfgang uses his newfound vigor from proximity to the Talisman....and rips his own heart from his chest, dropping it on the sacrificial table.

Sounds like a good place to stop for now, huh?

NEXT TIME: The dramatic confrontation begins to build up!!