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Part 29: Beast Within 8: To the Libary!

Part Eight: To the Libary!
So last time Grace was trying to win in a clit-measuring contest with Gerde. Now, remembering that there was a car parked outside, I check it and find out it’s Gabriel’s. Okay, so maybe Gerde has the keys?

“That is Gabriel’s car, he doesn’t even let me drive it.”

Fuck you, too. Ok, lacking ideas, I’m going back to Rittersberg.

And checking with the town hall, we’re starting to figure it out. We ask for the records of the werewolf trial back in the 1700’s, but the old guy needs a more specific date. Now, my first thought is, hey, go back to the Schattenjager tomb, find out who the active one during the time period was and go from there. But that gets me nowhere as the only ones the game lets me see the date on are Wolfgang’s, Jurgen (15th century), and Martin (12th century). Fuck. And I can’t talk to Werner anymore about it. Goddamn. Back to Schloss Ritter I guess.

Hey, the workman’s gone! And there’s a stone missing from the fireplace? And what’s with that hole?

I could say so many dirty comments right now, but I’m better than that. Hey, he left his toolbox too, what’s in it?

We’ll just help ourselves to his screwdriver and, well, there really isn’t any other way to put this, probe the hole with it.

And a clicking sound comes from the wardrobe.


Well, time to do some exploring I suppose. Where’s that path behind Grace go?

I’m suddenly having severe PHANTASMAGOORRRIA!! flashbacks.

But this one just leads outside. But I’m not ready to go outside, so back up the passage and I’ll take the route opposite the passage entrance this time.

Aaaand we’re in Gerde’s bedroom. Please try not to pee in her bed, Grace.

And all we can do here is look at her autographed photo of Wolfgang. Back into the closet I guess…

But on the way out, I’ll help myself to this key. Because I’m about 99% sure it unlocks the Schattenjager library.


And I’m gonna be honest, I kinda like this version more than in GK1. More expansive, you know?

We quickly find the hotspot, and a book on lycanthropes. Inside…


“How did you get in here?”


At which point, Grace suddenly throws what may be the most epically hilarious rant I have ever seen in my life.

In fact, it reduces Gerde to tears, and she runs off crying. You go, Grace! Further investigation of the bookshelves has Grace pick out the Journal of Victor Ritter. I have no idea how she knows that this one is relevant as Werner only said that a Schattenjager captured a werewolf in the 1700’s, but didn’t say which Schattenjager. Well, let’s look at our new acquisitions.

Charming, really.

Okay, I’m sure we’ve all heard about the phases of the moon thing, but this howling is something new. Next you’ll be telling me that instead of silver you need titanium.

Nope, this is even more dumb. Also, in the “Becoming A Werewolf” section, it left out hypnotism. Michael Landon would be soooo disappointed.

“Werewolfry”. I like that word. And the other page just brings up more what-the-fuckery.

Manos Del Sol, the Hands of Fate. Jesus, this game is bringing out my MSTie tendencies in full, isn’t it? Okay, what about the letter?

See, we should be looking into Christian Ritter. Dumbass. So back to the bookcase, and Grace finds that he died the same day as the letter was written, which explains why it was never sent. Ok, so why did you take Victor’s journal too?

Oh, well, that explains that I suppose.

Ok, so now we have a date for that fellow in the Rathaus. And Christian’s journal says what?

Gee, “Black Wolf”, I wonder if the guy who dresses in all black in Munich could be connected. Well, time to check out the desk. Grace sees the copy of Gabriel’s novel and makes a snide comment about Gerde fucking Gabriel because she's kind of a bitch, and then we can use the phone.
She calls a former professor of hers for some details on Kind Ludwig. He admits to not being an expert on German royalty, but promises to put her in touch with a colleague at the University of Berlin.

NEXT TIME: Let’s see if I can get Gerde to cry some more!!