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Part 14: Sins of the Fathers 14: Outwitting the Cops & Cult

Part Fourteen: Outwitting the Cops & Cult

So after leaving the department, Gabriel calls it a day, and attempts another booty call, but this one ends in a busy signal. So Gabe hits the hay, and has an expanded version of his recurring nightmare.

So Grace opens up and…

The worst part? It’s still alive. Also, when Gabriel has those nightmares, he must be out because this is what happens next:

“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“I see it, Grace. Hold on. There’s no one in the shop, and I know there’s no one in back. It’s okay.”
“Okay? Gabriel, that thing is still barely alive! How could someone DO this?”
“With a knife, maybe?”
“God, don’t even start. We should call the police.”
“No. I’ll take care of it.”
“But Gabriel…”
“I said I’ll take care of it. Why don’t you go get some coffee. I’ll have it all cleaned up before you get back.”
They know where you live now.”

Grace, I’m pretty sure they already did.

“Shhhh. It’s going to be fine. Now go on.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to go home? I could close the shop today.”
“No! I’d rather keep busy! I’ll be fine. At least that creepy guy is gone. <shiver> Not that they aren’t still watching. Anyway, speaking of keeping busy…We got that book you ordered in this morning, the one on Rada drums.”
“Really? Great!”

And apparently the Rada code is fairly well known for there to be a translation guide available. And at that point, someone shoves a note through the letter slot. Surprisingly, it’s not a threat or subpoena, it’s a brass key and a letter from Mosely:


“Gabe, I have to go underground with this thing. It runs wide and deep throughout the department and the city board…I’m already being watched. It was ‘suggested’ that I take vacation time, so I am…at least, as far as they know. Try to keep out of this…it’s too hot for a rookie. Just in case, I’m sending you my office key. You might find some useful things there.
P.S. I think this note will look great in the book, don’t you? Make sure you save it.

Good man, that Mosely. Dumb as a sack of hammers sometimes though. Okay, today’s news:

“Sure. Why not? It IS St. John’s Eve. They’ll be out tonight, for sure. But where?”

An excellent question, Gabe. Maybe NOW you’d like to call your Uncle??? No? WHY THE FUCK NOT, HE OBVIOUSLY KNOWS MORE ABOUT THIS THAN YOU DO YOU FUCKING HALFWIT!!!!!
Sorry about that. Anyway, let’s go get Mosely’s shit. Except when we try to just go on back like we have every other time…

Uh, what? Interrogating Frick just has him deny that there ever was a Mosely at this precinct, or even on the NOPD. That…that’s not good. Now, I’ll spare you all a bit of wandering, trying to figure out what the fuck we’re supposed to do now, and just say that we’re headed back to Jackson Square. There’s a couple things we can do there now.

See that vendor? He just happens to be selling beignets. In fact, he’s the same guy who was selling them right outside the precinct waaaaaay back at the beginning of the game. Over the course of dialogue, you need to persuade him to return to that area. That done…

I think it’s about time to find out what the cult’s been saying. And let me tell you, interpreting the drum code is a utter pain in the ass. The drummer likes to pop in random beats that don’t mean anything in order to obfuscate the message, but that’s not going to stop you from flipping through the onscreen translation in order to find code beats that aren’t there. It’s immensely frustrating. But here’s the solution:

So we know the cult is meeting in the swamps tonight. Now, back to the precinct.

Okay. Now we play the waiting game. What waiting game? We need Frick to fall asleep from overdosing on beignets. And with current processor speeds, the window to get in there is fucking narrow. One you get into the office though, you feel like a total boss.

So now that we’re here, we need to rifle Mosely’s desk and we are rewarded with a tracking bug and receiver. But what next? Let’s stop by the cemetery again.

The message is different now. However, thanks to that daffy Magentia, we can translate some of the message. So we copy down the new message. Luckily we don’t need Magentia to translate this one.

And I think we can easily guess who the “DJ” and “GK” are in the message, as well as what the missing letters are. And I think it’s time we played some games with “DJ and the Cultists”. Using the brick next to the Laveau tomb allows Gabriel to erase the message that was there and to put up our own message. But what? Well, we need something to put a tracking bug in, because although we know the cult is headed for the swamp, the swamps in Louisiana are goddamned huge. You might as well say “We’re meeting in a wheat field in Saskatchewan”. So how about a “little coffin” that we learned about from Hartridge? So we leave the message “DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE”. On that note, let’s go visit DJ.

Just after we plant the bug…
“I hate to rush you, Mr. Knight, but I am afraid I must close the museum early this evening. This IS St. John’s Eve, and it is getting on towards dusk. I have things I must do.”
“I see. No problem. I’ll just…”
“Leave. Good-bye, Mr. Knight. May the spirits guard you well tonight.”

And with that ominous warning in tow, let’s wrap it up for tonight. Will we have an apocalyptic confrontation at the Voodoo Conclave? (Hint: Sort of, but we’re still far from Game Over yet.)