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Part 17: Sins of the Fathers 17: So Let's Drop Mushrooms and Become Schattenjägers!

Part Seventeen: So Let's Drop Mushrooms and Become Schattenjägers!

“Guess what, I’m going to Germany!”
“Really? That’s great, but how on Earth can you afford…”
“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”
“Oh, my God. I wouldn’t like the sound of that even if you WERE a man.”
“I’ll miss you too, Grace.”

Don’t worry though, we’ll be back sooner than you think! But anyway, TO RITTERSBURG!

Shiiiit, Uncle Wolfy’s doing pretty fucking okay for himself seeing as he owns his own castle!

“Hello. My name is Knight. Gabriel Knight.”
“Herr Knight! Oh! Kommen sie bitte herein…I mean…come in, please, Herr Knight. I was not expecting you! Has Wolfgang sent you here?”
“Uncle Wolfgang? No, I came to see him. Isn’t he here?”
“No, he is gone! I’m sorry! You came all this way!”
“Oh great! That’s all I need!”
“Herr Knight, Wolfgang told me all about you and gave me instructions for you to feel welcome here. Please, this is your home. You are a Ritter, no? I am just doing some work. I will continue, and you may make yourself comfortable. If there is anything you need, please ask me. You may use Wolfgang’s bedroom. It is at the top of the stairs.”
“Thank you, Miss…”
“You may call me Gerde, Herr Knight.”

Yep, personal maid, swanky castle, I think I’d like being a Schattenjäger personally. Well, what’s Wolfgang’s room like?

Damn. The door on the other side of the room is locked, so I guess Wolfgang didn’t want Gabriel to use his private crapper or something. On the other side of Gerde, we find…

Okay, so I highly doubt that Gabriel’s store is Saint George’s by pure coincidence. The tapestries on the wall depict hands being washed, hair being cut, a goblet, blood dripping into the goblet, a knight kneeling, and a scroll. Kaaaay. Well, let’s talk to Gerde.

She doesn’t have a lot of new information unfortunately, at least not until we get to asking her about Schattenjägers.
“As Wolfgang may have told you, Schattenjager means ‘Shadow Hunter’. The Ritter family have always been Schattenjägers. It is a kind of priesthood though not *blush* as restrictive as most. Each Schattenjäger passes on his knowledge to a younger man in the Ritter line when the time is right. I am sure Wolfgang meant for you to take his place someday as Schattenjäger.”

Asked about the tapestries, Gerde says they depict the Schattenjäger initiation ceremony.

“Each young man of the Ritter line must go through the ceremony when he dedicates himself to be a Schattenjäger. “
“But what does the ceremony DO?”
“I do not know, Herr Knight. The only people present are the old Schattenjäger and the new…but I think it must be similar to a priest’s ordination or a wedding; a ceremony of intent and oath.”
“Is there a problem, Herr Knight?”
“You said ‘wedding’. I’m okay now.”

Well, it’s time to become a Schattenjäger now. There’s two things we need from the area around Gerde…a dagger on the wall, and a container of salt next to her. Now back to Wolfgang’s bedroom.

First we open the windows. Next we use the snow on the ledge to wash Gabriel’s hands. Following that, Wolfgang left a small toiletries kit on the shelf including a pair of scissors. So we take those and chop of a lock of his hair.

“I HATE this. There…that’s PLENTY.”

Next, there’s a framed scroll. We need that. And finally we take the basin on the shelf as well. Back to the chapel.

We put the basin on the altar and put some salt in it. Now, we need Gabriel to put some of his blood in the basin, so we use the dagger on him while we blare some early Linkin Park.

“Whoops! Nearly hit an artery.”

Now we kneel at the altar, and use the scroll. What follows is a magnificent bait and switch, after which Gabriel goes to bed…and has a dream about a dragon. The dragon berates him for his impure life, mocking his decision to be a Schattenjäger, and the sets him on fire to “purify” him. After which, Gabriel stabs the dragon, which turns into him , and then withers away revealing a key.

And now that Gabriel’s awake, the key is in his room, so we take it.

NEXT TIME: Tracking Down Uncle Wolfgang!