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Part 40: Beast Within 19: Metal Gear Gabriel

Part Nineteen: Metal Gear Gabriel

So we left Gabriel in his rather spartan room in the hunting lodge. I however refuse to be constrained, and I think it’s time to do some fucking exploring!


Von Zell has no time for your bullshit! Well, we’ll start with the room across from Gabe’s and work our way to the front of the screen I guess.

At least Gabriel’s polite enough to knock before breaking into a room.

Ok, who does this one belong to, I wonder. Preiss. Well, let’s check the dresser.

Clear as mud. We have a goddamned bullwhip, some rope, and some random clothes.

Gabriel, honey, there’s no werewolves under the bed, I promise.

Oh, he’s actually providing the turn-down service I guess. Checking the bathroom has Gabriel say “Herr Preiss is probably in there and I don’t wanna know what he’s doing.” Next room I guess.

Oh. My. God. Von Aigner actually invites Gabriel to stay and “amuse him”. Oh lord, we thank you for the bounty of innuendo that you have provided for us this day…

Asking Von Aigner about the club results in a great little speech.

Von Aigner posted:

I love to eat, and I love to drink. I own a butchery and a brewery, which means I love people who love to eat and drink. If I could make it the national religion, I would.

Gabe then intimates he knows about Grossberg’s animal smuggling, and Von Aigner cautions him against crossing Von Zell. See, Aigner was the main contact, but Von Zell got Grossberg’s name from him for…reasons. Von Aigner thought that Von Zell was going to branch out on his own, acknowledging that his debt to Von Zell was slashed in exchange. So. My theory is that Klingmann took the wolves out, Von Zell arranged for their illegal export, and sponsored Klingmann’s entry into the club in exchange for his services.

Gabriel asking about the Black Wolf results in a curiosity. Von Aigner says that he hears wolves around the woods regularly…which stuns Gabriel because wolves are extinct in Germany. So Von Aigner might be an animal smuggler, but he doesn’t seem to be a werewolf. Yet. Next room…oh, right, that’s Von Zell’s and he pretty clearly locked it. Ok, next room after that.

Klingmann. Let’s get him. Oh. Gabriel won’t talk to him or show him the wolf tags without a bit more evidence. Fuck. I’ll be back, asshole. Last room.

Of course. Von Glower tells Gabriel he should go for a walk, get to know the area. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

Downstairs, Hennemann’s having a drink, so let’s chat him up.

He’s a decent enough sort. For a raging homophobe. He all but confirms Preiss is gayer than the jack of hearts, and seems to think that Preiss will jump any one of them given the opportunity. He says he’s pretty chummy with Klingmann though. Gabriel asks if he sponsored Klingmann’s membership then?

“Nein, that was Von Zell.”

Excuse me a moment. Also, let’s check out a small cupboard down here.

Oh that is just a darling oil lamp, we have to add it to Gabriel’s jacket of holding. Or his TARDIS-coat.

Ok, let’s go kick Klingmann’s ass.

The expression on Klingmann’s face is fucking priceless

Gabriel agrees. Klingmann quickly confesses to the whole thing, that Von Zell approached him at a lecture, and made a deal: Klingmann would let Von Zell and another man (probably Grossberg) into the Zoo, the two of them would remove the wolves, and in exchange, Von Zell gets Klingmann into the club.

FUCKING BOOM! Called that shit! Gabriel says he won’t tell the cops, but he’ll hold onto the wolves’ tags in the meantime.

Klingmann is a poor broken man and that was intensely satisfying. I need a smoke. Ok, one last person to check out. How to get into Von Zell’s room…hmm, I wonder if Preiss has a window…

Hey, I can see that exact same tree from my room! Except flipped the other way. Let’s see, I’m sure Preiss won’t mind us borrowing his rope for this…

It’s lucky that there’s an eyebolt in the window frame for just such an occasion.


No, really, Gabriel, I’ve seen the fucking Kool-Aid Man enter a room more quietly than you just did. Well, let’s check it out.

No, Gabriel, he’s not putting his teeth under the pillows.

His closet’s pretty orderly, but nothing valuable for us to steal.

However in his bathroom, Von Zell apparently subscribes to the “If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” school of cleanliness.

Someone’s been a bad, bad boy in some mud we saw much earlier in the game. What else can we rifle through?

Well, we’ve seen that already. But not that slip of paper to the right…


This summer, Gabriel Knight is CATWOMAN! And in case you thought I was being harsh with Gabriel’s sneaking ability, I’ll just leave this here for posterity.

I did not edit that. He's like a cat, isn't he?