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Part 43: Beast Within 22: Not Quite Indiana Jones, is it?

Part Twenty-Two: Not Quite Indiana Jones, is it?

This update is going to be a tad longer that usual. I'm hoping to finish the game in 2-3 updates, so I'm sure you'll bear with me.

Just in case it's a bit unclear based on the previous update - Ludwig hid the different opera acts around his castle, and left one "close to his heart". We're going to spend this update recovering them. The first step is abundantly clear - we must secure some donuts.

You may or may not (depending on how developed your pixel hunting skills are) have noticed something new and odd in the previous update.

Mrs. Smith has some bread rolls in front of her. Obviously, we must now borrow some fishing wire from Werner, a batch of fresh sheets from the castle

(I do love how Grace is struggling with conveying "oh, I'm sure I'll find a perfectly reasonable use for this". It seems a bit more like eyerolling at the adventure game logic than anything else)

And some phosphorous paint off of the Jesus statue in Ludwig's castle.

With all this in hand, we can construct a fake ghost that will distract Meryl and allow us to snatch the dinner roll once she has a heart attack.


Alternately, we could just ask her.

Mrs. Smith happily shares the rolls, as Grace "looks famished". It's actually her habitual mean and hungry look that cannot be assuaged with food - only the blood of innocents. But there's not need to go into detail, is there?

With the dinner roll and pillow case in hand, we can commence operation "snatch that pigeon".

What do you mean, "why"? Every clickable object is its own Everest, really.

Grace drives to picturesque Alötting.

The walls are covered with demonstrations of Mary's miraculous healing prowess, as well as the suggested tithe:

Grace won't enter the actual chapel until the service is over, because extras cost money due to reasons.

She meets a mute priest and has some trouble communicating her desire to see Ludwig's heart urn. At least he's kind enough to provide a walkthrough segment a hint as to how to get inside the chapel.

Grace miserly-ly carefully counts out the minimal donation needed to get the holy water. Silly Grace, there are no vampires in this game!

Back in the Rittersburg church, Grace gets an idea. An awful idea. Grace gets a wonderful, awful idea!

Hey Gerde, since we're totally like sisters now, can I have your heart? Your blood and soul are to follow shortly.

Grace: Well, this was easier than expected.

Gerde: I wish I could act. Also, I specifically wish I could convey some negative emotion, which my character is probably experiencing right now.

Unfortunately, since we haven't recovered the other opera parts from Neuschwanstein, the chapel service isn't finished and we can't enter just yet.

The problem with Neusch... whatever, Ludwig's castle, is twofold. First of all, it's structured like a maze. The exits and how each room is connected to the next are not the least bit obvious.

Second of all, the actual hiding places are rather bland and obscure - which makes a fair bit of sense, but makes it difficult to remember where you're supposed to be searching, unless you happen to have the last LP update at hand.

A bit of wandering around gives us a cutscene of a kid climbing one of the chairs only to be shushed away by a museum employee.

With that in mind, we can sprinkle some holy water over the chair, making sure the spirits possessing shall never attack an innocent visitor again, and cutting off the plot of Gabriel Knight 4 in the bud. Oh, and we can also distract the guard who runs off in search of pee removal experts, which allows us to get the opera part from the now vacant room.

Next, it's time for the pigeon to finally shine:

Chris Boylan and Gari Boylan play the castle security people. I desperately want to believe they thought this was going to be their big break

And that Chris forever took pride in the fact that he got a closeup and some lines both.

His Hollywood debut is complete. The phone call from Tom Cruise's agent is only a matter of time.

Time to retrieve the third and final part of the opera. There's no guard in this room, so in order to retrieve the parchment, we must solve the fiendishly clever puzzle of "click on the wall".

The chapel service is now finally over, and we can enter (If you're going to watch any video in this update, watch this one). There's a slight difference between giving the priest the heart or the card, but since I presented the heart in the previous "the service isn't over" video...

The priest escorts us into the chapel:

Grace can pray at the altar, and (at the very least) examining various objects will tell her that she needs to move the chair and climb up to the heart urns.

But this is a stealth mission - how can we avoid detection with a bunch of people praying in the same room? Watch the video to find out

Grace thanks the priest for helping her rob his chapel

And brings the opera parts to Georg. You remember Georg, right? He's the music student / Wagner museum curator who first helped direct us towards the lost opera. The one with the extremely convenient composer of a brother?



A time-skip later, we're going to put on a show! A show with two very significant guests.