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Part 5: Sins of the Fathers 5: Do the Hippy-Hippy-Snake!

Part 5: Do the Hippy-Hippy-Snake!

Ok, off to see Magentia!

And thank god she’s not a vital character, because this is where things get a little silly.

“Welcome, Seeker. You must be the one Dr. John called me about.”
“I guess so. My name is….”
“Wait! Gabriel Knight.”
“You’re too quick for me.”
“Actually, Dr. John told me. You have come to the right place, Mr. Knight. Tell me how I can help.”
“Dr. John tells me you’re a Voodoo practitioner of some kind.”
“Yes. I am a Voodooienne – a Voodoo priestess.”

Also, she’s very hippy-dippy. Interrogation has her drop a few pieces of information regarding animal masks that used to be worn in older times, but not really anymore because of “bad karma”. She’ll also talk at length about her snake, Grimwald, who she named after one of her spirit guides…an Egyptian priestess.
Seeing a shed snake skin in Grimwald’s cage, Gabriel asks for one of her scales (ostensibly to compare to the one we found at the lake), but Magentia declines out of a fear that Gabriel could use it for gris gris against her. She talks about a couple of different kinds of gris-gris when asked, and they’re kind of fascinating in a weird way, but we need that scale. So we ask Magentia how she handles Grimwald. In response, she offers to dance with her.

Yeah, that just happened. However, while she’s distracted, Gabriel can sneak over to the cage and steal the snakeskin there. Huzzah!...except that Grimwald’s scales are brown, so they don’t match the one from the lake. Our work here complete, I think there’s a mask somewhere we should try to get.

Yep, the Dixieland Drug Store. However, just after Gabriel arrives, another customer does as well.

“Bonjour, Monsieur Walker.”
“Bienvenu, Madame Cazanoux. Comment ca va? How you be feeling today?”
“Well, I’ll tell you, Mr. Walker, I’m certain someone’s buried a Sleep Not Bag somewhere near my steps. I haven’t slept a wink in weeks.”
“Ah, don’t that beat all? Gonna need some Easy Night Candles then?”
“Do you think that would help? I do hope you’re right. I said three rosaries this morning for Our Lady’s intervention.”
“Rosaries are good, sure enough, but you burn those candles, too, and you’re gonna whip any old no sleep gris-gris, I tell you for sure.”
“Very well, Mr. Walker. Put them on my account, and send them around to my house. Oh, and there’s another thing! I didn’t catch her at it, but I know Mrs. LeFevre put Stomach Ache Powder in my tea at the last meeting of the Creole Grande Dames. I’ve been in misery!”
“You put nine pin heads up in a little box, add a pinch of graveyard dust, and put it under her front porch step. That’ll turn the trick back on Mrs. LeFevre, and she’ll be the one with the bellyache. I have the pins and the dust right here if you want them.”
“If the Blessed Virgin will grant me her protection, I’ll be safe from these practitioners of evil!”
“Oui, Madame, though it don’t hurt to be proactive none, neither, does it?”
“Naturellement, Monsieur. Merci beaucoup.”
“Mais non, Madame. It is nothing. Au revoir.”
“Au revoir, Monsieur Walker.”

I really love this scene just as a reminder that all kinds of people buy into this kind of thing. And also, the old lady is now a conversation topic if we re-interrogate Willy, but he refuses to talk about his customers. He offers us the crocodile mask near the door….for $100. Unfortunately, Willy won’t accept gift certificates from St. George’s, so we’re outta luck there.

Well, I think it’s about time to visit Malia Gedde and see what she has to say.

Nice house. Unfortunately, her butler won’t let Gabriel see her without good cause. Hrm. (Fun fact, her butler is also played by Tim Curry, but he actually gets to use his actual accent there.) Well, the next place I happen to know we need to go is back to Jackson Square Park…and one of the most ball-breakingly frustrating puzzles in the game.

The artist in the corner there is the key. We have to repeatedly talk to him, and eventually ask to watch him sketch the nearby cathedral.

Eventually, his drawing is torn loose by the wind and flies away…

And he can’t reach it inside the fence.

So we have to move down to the SW corner of the park. First we need to get a hot dog from the vendor...and pay for it using the gift certificate. Hell, he won’t even offer to serve Gabriel until we offer him the certificate.

I don’t think Gabriel understands the value of money. Anyway, the next step is to give our hot dog to the dancing kid next to the vendor.

In exchange for our $20 hot dog, Gabriel persuades the kid to retrieve the Cathedral drawing, which we return to the artist.

So what was all this for? Well, this artist is quite good. Good enough to reconstruct an image from a fragmented whole. So we give him all the drawings we have from the crime scenes, and he tells Gabriel that he’ll have it reconstructed for us tomorrow.

And with that, we’ll wrap it up for now, and next time we’ll have a nice chat with the mysterious Malia Gedde…