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Part 6: Gabriel Knight vs. Minor Felonies

Chapter 6: Gabriel Knight vs. Minor Felonies

When we last left Gabriel, Mosely had allowed Gabriel to stay at the crime scene and take a look around. Gabriel totally would have anyway, but there's no reason to tell Mosely that.

The killers really are bold as hell.

Gabriel admires the view, from a safe distance.

Quickly feeling the clay, Gabriel finds that it's fairly firm and the handprint he leaves stays put. He briefly contemplates taking some with him, then wonders why the hell he would even think that in the first place. He leaves the clay alone.

Strange semicircular pattern on the ground? Seems Voodoo-y.

So far the sketchbook has been the most useful item in the inventory, now clocking its second use. Gabriel pencils the partial pattern onto a page far away from his father's mental breakdown.

Although it has deeper meanings, the literal translation is "Unsolved Puzzle."

Gabriel takes a closer look at the big smear of blood but can't make out anything special. Maybe the magnifying glass will help?


Gabriel's not going to get a whole lot out of the crime scene now that some 20 cops have had their way with it.

Although he can't help but think he's missed something, it's starting to get pretty late and Gabriel wants to be able to see Lakeshore Drive well enough to get back to familiar territory. He decides to check the place out again some other time.

There really should be some sort of entry/exit quip here considering how many times you have to trudge in and out. Something like...

"Hey guys, I'm back!"
"I wondered what that smell was."

Gabriel prepares himself for the worst. It's going to be a fierce battle, but dammit, Frick is going to let him see his friend! He strides into battle.

Oh. Okay.

Let's just stride on in, then.

Gabriel takes a moment to admire Franks's sweet ass.

Let no opportunity go wasted!

"Well, actually, it would be rather -- hey!"

And so after snidely questioning Gabriel's heterosexuality, she returns to her busy task of whatever the hell it is she's doing. Organizing photos in the computer, or maybe posting to a feminist Usenet group.

Time to check out Mosely's sweet digs.

Mosely's sweet digs are a pretty huge mess, but at least there's not crap all over the floor.

I guess that's fair, though the balding thing is still blown way out of proportion.

Now that Gabriel thinks about it, the badge is always in that pocket. Schemes begin to bounce through his head.

As Mosely drops the first F-bomb of the game, something catches Gabriel's peripheral vision.

She's gone from random background nuisance to named character! She'll be the star of one of these games in no time.

And she's kind of a jerk, so she'd fit right in.

This will surely be important later.

All right, it's go time! Gabriel gathers his questions...

Jesus. We're gonna need some fuel for this.

"No, I want Malia Gedde naked in my bed. But I'll settle for coffee."

"Augh, no, that'll be hours."

The game kicks out of the interrogation screen and Mosely goes on Sierra's Coffee Quest V.

We'll just wait here.

...and wait...

Man, that took a while. It's almost as if Gabriel was supposed to do something in the meantime.

With lukewarm, weak coffee in hand, it's time to finally get down and dirty with this case.

Well that doesn't even make any sense.

"If I find any, I'll let you know."

I guess Gabriel deserved that.

Holy crap, that's a lot. Certainly supports the "Voodoo cult" theory, but Gabriel notes something else.

Fair enough.

So, the group kills people on public roads and does it about once a week. This is perhaps not the best first case for an amateur sleuth.

Not only is it exotic, it's a dead match for his dream. Not a good sign.

Short version: it's just a clusterfuck.

"God, this shit is gonna read great in the book."

This isn't really dissuading Gabriel from the "Voodoo cult" theory, you know.

That's about all we get on the case itself for now, though Gabriel does have a few other things to ask.

Experts such as...?

Oh, who am I kidding, he's not gonna tell us.

"You have what on what?!"

Yes, please.

"This just got twice as hot."

Wasting absolutely no time, Gabriel rushes out into the lobby for some sweet, valuable hitting-on time.

Either she's really trusting or they all know Mosely's easier than a $5 hooker.

Gabriel takes another moment to admire her totally rockin' butt.

"No photocopies, my ass. I have to get me a copy of this."

As Gabriel puts the folder back on Franks's inbox, he takes a look at the camera on her desk then scans his eyes to see Frick pointedly ignoring his existence. Suddenly, it clicks.


Oh, c'mon, Mosely, you have to know he's up to something at this point.

While Mosely looks away, Gabriel allows himself a small grin. This is already working out perfectly.

Gabriel hops out of the immediate line of fire.

And right back into it. Mild sexual harrassers need to stick together.

I never liked camera flashes, myself. I always have to force my eyes to stay open.

"This is too easy."

Gabriel hustles out to the main lobby, where the folder is waiting like an unguarded bowl of candy on a porch at Halloween.

Trying to steer clear of the mirror, he stealthily grabs the case file.

Frick doesn't even notice. There's still one beignet left in that bag, and keeping from eating it is sapping his remaining strength.

Don't need this any more.

One last check of the hair...


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