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Part 20: Gabriel Knight vs. Crash

Chapter 20: Gabriel Knight vs. Crash

After leaving the Voodoo Museum, Gabriel soon realizes he's exhausted his leads. The only major loose end, Dr. Hartridge, still hasn't called back. He goes where he always does in times like this: Jackson Square.

As soon as he walks in, he spots a familiar face.

Gabriel quietly follows him.

Every time he gets near, though, Crash shuffles away to another section of the park. He's not looking too good.

Gabriel's not gonna be able to get near the guy short of running up and tackling him, which probably wouldn't help matters. Whatever Crash is up to, he doesn't seem to want witnesses. If only there was some way to -- hold up.

Well, that solves the mystery of the missing beignet guy.

Very illuminating, thanks.

Gabriel tries one more time to trail Crash, but the guy just walks off again.

"There's got to be a way to watch Crash without bein' seen."

After a moment's thought, Gabriel realizes the perfect way to watch Crash from a distance. He rushes up to the Jackson Square Overlook.

He quickly scans the park with the binoculars in search of his target.

Not over here...

Gotcha. Crash makes a beeline for the park drummer.

Crash leans in and whispers something.

After a quick look around to make sure nobody (nearby) saw him, Crash makes a beeline for the cathedral.

"Now what the hell was that all about?"

Gabriel eyes the drummer warily on his way to the church, but he doesn't seem to be doing anything suspicious. Just drummin'.

At least Crash seems to have finally settled down. Gabriel settles down in the pew behind Crash; time to get some answers.

Now that he's up close, Gabriel can really tell that Crash is looking awful. He really shouldn't be out and about right now.

All right then. Since Crash doesn't want to respond to kindness, Gabriel steels himself and begins the interrogation.

Crash just looks at Gabriel incredulously.

Crash is completely clamming up, but Gabriel may never get an opportunity like this again. He considers the items he has with him for a moment. Showing Crash the vévé would be the most obvious choice, but Crash doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd remember patterns.

The only other potential connection to the cult that Crash might recognize is the snake bracelet. Gabriel pulls it out.

Crash seems to relent, suddenly much more tolerant of Gabriel's presence.

That softened him up; it's now or never.

Yeeeesh. Crash is looking worse by the minute. We'll probably have to get him to a doctor before too long.

Better not to waste any more time.

(Crash refuses to tell you much of anything important if you don't confront him about the drummer first.)

...well, shit. If that's true, the drummers have been watching Gabriel poke around the cult's affairs for days now and reporting accordingly. This is gonna require further research.

(New global topic: "Rada drums")

That's ... a little hard to swallow at face value, but these guys have Crashed scared out of his mind. There's probably good reason.

Now we're just freaking the poor guy out. Gabriel dials it down a bit.

Still got a couple days; maybe we can track down where they're going to be.

The way Crash is looking, we're not going to get anywhere at this rate. It's time to get direct.

Shit. Gabriel stares aghast at Crash's body, not completely sure what to do.

After a moment, Gabriel checks to make sure nobody's around and then pulls Crash's shirt up to reveal the tattoo.

Gabriel quickly sketches out the snake symbol.

When he's finished, he pulls Crash's shirt back down. No sense leaving the poor bastard looking even less dignified.

Finally, Gabriel bolts out the door. He's done for the day.

Gabriel pulls up to the bookstore as it gets dark.

Shortly afterwards, Grace goes home.

Some time passes, then we hear a phone slowly beep out someone's number.

Gabriel drives off to Malia's, leaving the store empty for the night. Once again, he doesn't dream.

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