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Part 30: Gabriel Knight vs. The Library

Chapter 28: Gabriel Knight vs. The Library

Morning has come to Schloss Ritter, and it looks like Gabriel didn't last too long before passing out last night. He's even still got his shoes on.

Gabriel drags himself to his feet, only barely prepared to face this new day. He quietly hopes that he can find some coffee somewhere in the castle.

Gabriel heads for the stairs and -- wait a second.

That is definitely the same key, and what a crazy goddamn key it is. Did it jump out of his dreams, materializing in the real world? The metaphysical implications are staggering.

Either that or Gerde snuck the key into the room in the middle of the night. Regardless of how it got here, there's only one door in the castle fancy enough to need a key like this:

Behind the door lies the most beautiful thing Gabriel's seen since he started his investigation.

It's amazing that these books are in as good condition as they are in this rotting, drafty castle. Wolfgang's got his priorities straight.

The bookshelves are helpfully laid out by category. Books visible in the foreground are in German and therefore useless to Gabriel.

Shit. Hope he was hunting actual witches.

And in another occult book...

That's enough of that. Gabriel browses the shelves for anything that looks helpful.

The first relevant book is in the Geography section.

You can probably guess where this is leading. "The Primal Ones" is located in Sociology.

This one can be found under History.



The tribe's vévé also had two concentric rings. This could very well be related.

I think it's safe to say we found where Wolfgang went. And even if he's not there, this is Gabriel's best shot at the cult. To Africa!

Gabriel leaves the library, somewhat reluctantly. It'd be nice to just get himself lost in all the information here, but he's wasted enough time in this castle already.

Downstairs, Gerde's peeling potatoes again.

Gabriel hurriedly shows Gerde the pertinent page of the archaeology book.

Gerde regards this sudden news somewhat suspiciously.

Uh ... well, yes,, but ... it was cold enough using the card the first time. Gabriel explores other options.

The castle's cool and all, but this sudden inheritance windfall is starting to be a bit disappointing.

Gabriel sighs, defeated. For Gerde's sake, he tries to put a positive spin on it.

Gerde is overjoyed by this news, not noticing or caring that the card has a strange name on it.

Breakfast sounds great! Hope it's potatoes!

It's been a nice little break, outside of that weird and terrifying dream, but it's time to get back to work. The cult's not going to stop itself, and Mosely would have never forgiven Gabriel if he dropped the case now. Hell, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

Just as quickly as everything ground to a halt, Gabriel's life is speeding up again. He has a feeling that fleeing to another country won't help him anymore.

Next time:

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