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Part 34: Gabriel Knight vs. Homecomings

Chapter 31: Gabriel Knight vs. Homecomings

Wait, so Gabriel brought a dead man to customs with his heart ripped out of his chest and they just mailed him along to Germany, no questions asked? Remind me never to go to Benin.

The mystery of who's behind this poetry has finally been solved.

Gabriel definitely needs to make a move on the cult before they catch on that he's back, but before anything else he needs to get home and check in with Grace. It's been far too long since he's heard from her.

Gabriel finds the shop unlocked, and only a little bit emptier than usual.

No response.

He quickly spots the mess in the corner.

Gabriel glances around nervously, but there's no sign of anybody else around. He cautiously picks up and opens the envelope.

Before Gabriel has a chance to really process what he's just read, he hears some footsteps shuffle near his bedroom's entrance.

And out of the bedroom, looking somewhat haggard, steps Detective Franklin goddamn Mosely.

Gabriel stares at his best friend, completely bewildered.

Mosely begins to rattle off the other day's events as if describing the moves in a basketball game.

Gabriel shifts his feet uncomfortably, Mosely's wallet suddenly feeling very conspicuous in his pocket. Thinking back to the other day, he does recall hearing something shatter just before he entered the tomb, and he didn't see anyone else in there.

Okay. Mosely's alive, and probably not a zombie. This is good.

Mosely quickly moves into the back, Gabriel hot on his heels.

Mosely waits for Gabriel to make the first move. Gabriel just stands awkwardly, not really sure where the hell to start.

Try as he might, Gabriel can only think of one way to break the ice.

After a moment, Gabriel coughs up the rest.

He's gonna find out anyway; no need to have that conversation right now. Besides, a credit notice that Mosely skipped the country might have kept the cult off his tail for a day or two.

For that matter, if he's not dead, just what has Mosely been up to?

This is the last conversation Gabriel will be having in the empty black void of the interrogation screen. Hopefully you haven't grown too attached to it.

Well, it's a goal, but it's not much of a plan. Gabriel doesn't even want to think about what the cult will do to Grace if he doesn't get there in time. For once, this is going to have to take precedence over Malia.

Gabriel ignores this little crack and continues.

Yes, this sounds just as crazy as Gabriel thought it would. Mosely doesn't stop him, though, so he keeps talking.

Finally, Gabriel works up the nerve to ask what he's been wondering all this time.

Mosely also chooses to ignore this quip. They're already falling back into their natural rhythm.

This is of course a piece of information Gabriel is not about to just hand over to the player. Or, apparently, Mosely. Better to sniff it out first anyway.

Now it sounds like a plan. A somewhat sketchy plan that leaves entirely too much of the work to a civilian, but Gabriel's been through enough lately that he should be able to handle it.

While they're here, though, Gabriel did think up this wicked insult to throw at Mosely.

It'll have to wait.

Mosely leaves the room while Gabriel watches. Ordinarily he'd be elated that Mosely's still around, but after everything he's gone through the past few days, it just feels like Mosely's gonna have another chance to die on him.

Gabriel listens to the front door slam shut, then quietly adds ...

It's time to really get this day started. Big things are coming. Gabriel marches purposefully out into the storefront.


Gabriel fights off a rising wave of guilt for leaving her alone by checking the newspaper on the table. It's today's.

God, you go out of town for a few days and the whole place just goes to shit.

One last, important thing to do before Gabriel faces his destiny:

His insides now girded with coffee, Gabriel leaves St. George's Books. He can't help but wonder, once again, if this is the last time he's ever going to see the place.

Before he goes to investigate his lead on the hounfour, he stops at his grandmother's place to check on her.

"I have got to save that girl."

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