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Part 37: Gabriel Knight vs. Tetelo

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Chapter 34: Gabriel Knight vs. Tetelo

Gabriel and Mosely enter the center chamber of the hounfour, where most of the invited cultists have begun the festivities. They seem to be having a grand old time.

Dr. John follows closely behind the wolf and boar. Grace's limp body is cradled in his arms.

Dr. John places Grace carefully on the sacrificial table.

"Good, he hasn't noticed she's awake yet."

Shortly, Malia comes dancing in through another entrance, dressed in full leopard regalia.

She dances to an animal cage, where Dr. John provides her with two chickens. She takes them and begins to strangle-dance them over the v?v?.

Gabriel's had his eye on Malia from the instant she waltzed in the room -- her movement seems off. Something's gone horribly wrong.

Her part in the animal sacrifice complete, Tetelo hands the chickens to Dr. John to finish off.

He begins to crush the blood out of them with his bare hands. Tetelo performs a short dance around the fire.

Once the chickens have been drained, Dr. John returns to the altar.

He picks up a small bowl of blood and prepares to anoint the sacrifice.

When Dr. John has finished, Tetelo glides to the table and pulls out the ku-bha-sah.

Mosely's right -- Gabriel can't afford to wait any longer! Grace is waiting for a signal, and if she doesn't hear something soon, she's going to lie perfectly still while the dagger plunges into her chest.

In one smooth motion, Gabriel rips off his costume and flashes the talisman.

Tetelo readies her dagger ...

... and Grace dives off the table just in time.

Tetelo grunts in pain as she slams her knife directly into the concrete table. She rips off her mask in frustration.

Dr. John marches purposefully to finish Grace off.

Mosely bolts to protect Grace before Tetelo has a chance to react.

Mosely picks her up -- she's dazed, but okay. Gabriel and Tetelo continue their standoff.

Dr. John's body slides off the table. A huge amount of his blood pools in the groove.

With a flash, the table lid opens itself, revealing ...

There's no chance to get near it -- Tetelo would rip them to shreds!

Mosely readies his gun ...

... but with a simple wave of her arm, the gun explodes in his hand.

Mosely clutches his burnt hand to his chest and watches helplessly as Tetelo bears down on Gabriel.

Gabriel hurls the talisman over Tetelo's head. Mosely catches it easily.

Grace and Mosely limp unsteadily into the main hall of the hounfour. Tetelo, no longer interested, allows them to leave for now.

Gabriel stands no chance against Tetelo's magic. He obediently moves in to show her the proper respect.

Tetelo yanks Gabriel by the throat into a leaning position. She places the cold steel of her knife against his throat -- then hesitates.

Malia's fighting Tetelo's influence! Gabriel has only a brief moment to act!

Wolfgang told him to trust his instincts -- and his instincts are telling him one thing.

Gabriel shoots his arm out almost as fast as the eye can see, snatching the Gedde idol from its pedestal ...

... and smashes the damn thing against the floor.

The lights dim and the ground begins to shake.

In her panic, Gabriel throws himself from Tetelo's grip, landing unsurely on the other side of the room.

Suddenly, the floor cracks open beneath them ...

... and the entire thing collapses under Malia's feet.

With the idol destroyed, and both their lives on the line, Malia and Tetelo are locked in battle for control of Malia's body. It's impossible to tell who's in control at any given moment.

Gabriel stares at the chaos in front of him. If Malia falls into the pit, Tetelo will be destroyed, and with it her reign of terror over New Orleans! But can he just let it happen? Could he live with himself if he sat back and let her drop?!

"HELL no!"

Gabriel dives, catching Malia's arm just as she loses her grip.

And that is the story of how, after centuries of hardship, the Schattenjägers finally defeated the Voodoo cult that tore them apart..

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