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Galactic Civilizations II

by Bobbin Threadbare

Part 24: Emergency Session 8: Altaria Calls for Aid!

Order! Order! Get some fucking order in this bitch, you scaredy yellow pussies! Lal, speak up, I get the feeling that's the only way yer gonna get heard over the sound a' the senator's ass cheeks flappin'.

Erm…yes. Fellow senators, we have been called together because of a notice which was delivered to us three days ago.

We all pretty much knew this day was comin' when we started handin' out alliances. Oh, and when we met the Korath. Them's some crazy fucks.

Indeed. The Altarians have strong connections with the other benevolent races, and the Torians and the Iconians have already pledged their support to the Altarians as well. Because the Altarians are the defensive nation, they have called upon our alliance.

Lemmie set up a couple a' questions fer ya: why should we honor the alliance, and why should we do any helpin' out when they got all these buddies ta do the heavy liftin'?

Beyond being our genetic brothers and sisters, the Altarians are our neighbors and our friends. Not honoring the alliance would make our other allies think twice about whether we would honor theirs in turn.

As for the situation itself, that is a more complicated answer. The Altarians are the only other race we have confirmed as having the knowledge of capital spaceships; possibly the Torians have the technology as well. We know both have an understanding of planetary invasion, while the Korath do not. However, the Korath have access to Spore Ships, which drop a fast-acting biological weapon onto a planet's surface, which will wipe out every sophont on the planet. They will not hesitate to use these if they can.

Thanks to our planned…visit…to LentzLandia, we already have a buildup of forces near Korathian space. With the declaration of war still sitting on my desk, we can afford to redirect some or all of our forces against the Korath instead. Of course, redirecting all our forces away would mean scrapping Operation Moustache Shears entirely. Even the war declaration would need to be re-legislated at a later time. So here are your options:

  1. Dishonor our alliance.
  2. Honor our alliance and commit no forces to the war effort.
  3. Honor our alliance and commit half our forces to attacking Korath elements.
  4. Honor our alliance and commit all our forces to Korath space, abandoning the LentzLandia invasion entirely.