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Galactic Civilizations II

by Bobbin Threadbare

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Original Thread: Galactic Civilizations 2: The Future Needs YOU!



What's this? Another parliamentary LP that's trying to ride Wiz's coattails and will just wind up going down in flames like all the rest? Well, fuck you, it's finished!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to what is, in many ways, the successor to Master of Orion, and is certainly more fun to play than the buggy lump MOO3 turned out to be. It plays out much like your traditional 4X, with planets acting as colonies, spaceships as your standard unit, and so on. I'll get into the nitty-gritty as we go along. For now, here's the scenario setup:

Most of this should be self-explanatory, so I'll just say that all those things on the right are on a scale of Rare, Uncommon, Occasional, Common, and Abundant. Hopefully this particular setup will make for an interesting game.

Our race will be Terrans. This is not up for debate, although most of the rest will be. You'll understand why in a bit. In addition to the racial bonuses you see in the corner, there are also 10 points which we get to spend on further bonuses. I'll be using them to maximize the bonuses provided by the ruling party, which won't necessarily be the War Party that this screen indicates, as well as get rid of that damn Military Production penalty.

7 rival civilizations will definitely give us a run for the money, even in a gigantic universe, and neither you nor I will know which seven they'll be. According to the GalCiv wiki, "Tough" means that every other civilization will have an economy that is on even footing with ours, and that their AI is completely unrestricted. I've never played a 4X game at this level, which means the onus is on all of you to keep the humans alive and prosperous.

And for now? Well, it's time we met our prospective leaders.

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