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Galactic Civilizations II

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Part 18: Emergency Session 6: Zombies




I'm just presenting the latest scientific reports-

The mother loving Christ fucking shit digging ass ramming dick prickling cunt stuffing tit gripping goddamn HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!

Honestly, I do not understand why this is such an issue.

The fuck you don't!

We haven't even implemented it yet. Listen, it's really quite simple…

By God…

I'd say what we managed on a shoestring budget was quite remarkable.

You mean you did this yourself?

Well, I directed the scientists, yes.

I thought you were a fusion energy specialist.

I'm really more of a generalized manager. I do have a genius-level IQ, you know. I've personally directed many of the technologies paid for by this senate.

Goddamn, Zak, just when I thought I couldn't hate you less, ya just keep toppin' yer record. I say we make this project and all the scientists disappear. Publically.

I am…rather conflicted on this. I have operated mercenary companies before, but this…I think it most prudent to set it aside and forget about it.

I am frankly shocked this was ever considered an option, by anyone. I don't believe the scientists should be punished, at least not directly, but this area of research should remain taboo.

Well I think the scientists should be locked away. They have violated numerous national and international laws, and should face the consequences.

This is a travesty, a blasphemy against God Himself. We must do whatever it takes to ensure this never happens again.

I don't understand everyone's reaction over this. If I were given a second life to give for Mexico, I would do so, without hesitation, even in the face of constant torment. I have no doubt that many of the…resurrected may feel the same.

Senator Godwinson, I think perhaps you have not considered the full theological implications. Surely the soul will have moved on after death, leaving nothing but a faded shell whether we repurpose it or not.

Side note: both the Soldiering bonus and the Research penalty are global. As such, 5% is a decent figure going either way. Also, if you're looking at the big picture, we are one tick up from true neutrality thanks to that second magnetic field event.