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Galactic Civilizations II

by Bobbin Threadbare

Part 19: Emergency Session 7: Epona

Sure has been a busy six months, hasn't it?

Disappointed, eh?

While there is some intellectual stimulation in any scientific project, the goal generally is to see your developments adopted. I still don't understand why everyone reacted so violently to the project. They're only cadavers.

Ya really don't understand, do you? Goddamn. Well, we got a new problem that dragged everybody's asses back in on a weekend, and this time Zak ain't got his grubby fingers in it.

They were here first, but I say it's better us than the Drengin. Move 'em ta where they won't do nobody any harm.

I am absolutely, completely against slavery of any sort. Indentured servitude, on the other hand…

These beings should be uplifted, not ground down or moved aside! The polar caps are more than habitable enough, given our technology.

We now find ourselves in the same situation we were in on Chiron; the location and lower technology level should make no difference in our assessment.

This is our planet, as recognized by the United Planets and Divine Right, and we should make use of it as we see fit. However, I suppose slavery or genocide is a bit much.

I have said this before: I do not like sharing a world with other intelligent life forms.

Senator Skye, as you have so aptly put it, these stone age sophonts deserve to be uplifted. And how better could we do so, may I ask, than if we put them to work in our factories and entertainment centers? They will surely be uplifted then.

I am honestly indifferent. I imagine that we can learn things about early human prehistory by observing these aliens, but as a different species, the research value would be mediocre at best.

Note: as a marginal planet (toxic), Epona already has a 50% production penalty. This will go away eventually when we research the advanced form of colonization, but whatever you choose here will not.