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Gargoyle's Quest

by Choco1980

Part 3

Did I say that week? hehe, sorry, there've been a lot of factors irl for why I haven't updated in so long (most of which are I'm lazy.)

Anyways, when last we left Firebrand, we had just returned the Gremlin Stick to local psychic Barone Jark, who told us to next head north to King Darkoan's castle, where the Destroyers had taken up residence. So away we go!

Oh, this guy again.

Are you going to find the king? His palace is up ahead. But it's like walking into death's arms. I wouldn't go there.

Uh, I'm not sure I understand the question, but yes?

Finally. One of courage. This is the armor of the dragon. May it keep you whole.

You have the armor of the dragon. Your vitality level has increased.

Bitchin! Now we have a bigger life bar of three pips! Also, the ghoul moves up out of our way.

If you go north-east through the cave you will reach the palace.

Not entirely accurate, but it is our path anyways.

Tunnel Cave

There, that was easy. Oooh, gimme gimme!

You got 1 Talisman of the Cyclone

Whoo, 1-up! And on to the next town!

If you go north, you will find the palace.

King Darkoan? I heard he was killed by the destroyers.

hmm. Our future looks grim here, but our path is obvious.

He with the power of the block-buster can break even the hardest stone.

Good thing we have it then!

The king hid many vials full of magic potions and essence of the soulstream.

Just a little world-building flavor text.

Some ghouls have changed sides. Be careful.

I'm sure that means nothing... Meanwhile, time to stock up on lives at 8 viles a pop, and get the password and move on.

Firebrand. Let me test your strength.

random fight!

This fight against two mermen is the bottom rung of the higher random encounter tier. They take 4 Block-buster shots to kill each and can fire high or low. Also, beyond the testing guy is the palace, but it's blocked by mountains and a big tree. I guess we have to go around. Not much noteworthy happens, but there's another town on the way.

Hey there! What are you doing? If you are loafing around, I'll eat you!

Many members of this town say this message. It is a town of cannibals!

Darkoan is dead. Why don't you join our side? We were caught and thrown in here. What's happened to the realm?

I think the second half of this guy's speech is in error but I'm not sure.

We were caught and thrown in here. what's happened to the realm?

That's why I think that.

The path to the palace is blocked. If we only had the wings of the falcon, we could get there with one jump.

Well crud. Looks like I have to find these wings.

I saw some strange wings under the tree behind the palace. Maybe they are wings of the falcon.

Aw crud, I gotta walk all the way back there?

A foreign army attack here a long time ago. Could it be the some one?

I leave this typo that shows that someone didn't read the opening text as is for you folks. Anyways, there's no vials to be bought in cannibal town, so lets go trek back to the tree to get the stupid wings. On the way this encounter happened:

random fight!

Those guys are tough as you can see. There ARE safe spots, but they still take a lot of hits and throw their heads all over, turning to meet you sometimes.

You have the wings of the falcon. The wings of the falcon! They increase the power of your wings so you can fly longer.

Whoo! Now we have much longer hover time! And before we tackle that bridge, there's one other thing I spy on the map to the north...

gimme dat loot

Obtained the essence of the soulstream.

Now this is important. The Soulstream is shown in-action as a little bag on your pause menu with a heart on it. It's basically an e-tank that recharges with each new battle, essentially doubling your health. I cannot stress how important this is in battle. I use mine a LOT. It refreshes each new map, so don't be afraid to use it.

You won't live long enough to use those wings.

It's just another head-thrower battle. I lived long enough to use those wings.

The second bridge!

And here's Darkoan's castle. Let's go.

Firebrand! Why are you here? Don't tell me you've changes sides!

Darkoan is locked up in there.

That must be the King of Destruction's army. They have been called from their graves to destroy the ghoul realm.

Pretty metal, actually.

Darkoan has lost his power. Our realm has surely perished.

Not if I have something to say about it...

Castle Darkoan!

Whoo! We did it! We saved Darkoan! Wait, is that some stuff you're holding on to? I'll be just a moment...It's 3 vials and a 1-up. Anyways, you were saying Darkoan?

Wuh... Wuh... Wuh...

Oh yeah, Jark told us to use the candle of the Poltergeist on him to wake him up.


The body of Darkoan moved a little.

Oh! I can move. My power was stolen by the king of destruction, Breager. I can't recover my strength until he is defeated. Only the Red Blaze can do that. You must seek it. According to legend, it will burn our enemies out of the realm.

Hmm, this is probably a "but thou must!" situation. Besides, he doesn't even recognize that WE are the Red Blaze...let's say no.

Don't you care about our realm? Think of your friends.

And then he goes back into his coma, of which we no longer have any candle to use. Whoops. Guess we screwed up this one! We can actually continue if we choose at a handicap here. But of course if we had chosen YES instead...

OK. I'll give you my remaining power. KAAAH!

The power of the king flows through your body. Your nails and wings become stronger.

Now you are powerful. Majorita might now how to find the Red Blaze. Go meet Bymon in the Eastern part of the land. He will know where Majorita is. Now go!

[i]And with that, we conclude this chapter of Gargoyle's Quest, with a new destination put out for us! See you next time!