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Gargoyle's Quest

by Choco1980

Part 4

And we're back! When last we left Gargoyle's Quest, we had freed King Darkoan from his captors, only for him to reveal that he was still powerless as long as Breager still remained in the realm. He then gave us his gave us his remaining energy and sent us off to find the the Barone Bymon, and the witch Majorita, in order to figure out how to deal with Breager.

This would be fine if we had a clue where she was. On the other hand, the game is pretty railroaded as far as most of the paths go, so lets first check out the small town directly in our path.

This first town is just a tiny checkpoint for finishing the castle, and is hardly worth mentioning. We are about halfway through the game though, and this is where things start ramping up. Lives here, incidentally cost a whopping 16 vials now, doubling with each subsequent town, and they're only going up from there, so if you need them you better save up outside.

Bymon has the Candle of Darkness. He lives in the southeast part of the land.

Great. Another macguffin.

Majorita? Can't help you.

You need the Candle of Darkness if you want to see Majorita.

Who wants to bet that will come easy to us?

Anyways, that's it for this tiny town, and it's just a hop skip and a jump (for once not literally) to the next town over, supposedly home to this Bymon fella.

You are as red as fire.

Huh. That's a funny coincidence.

Someone stole the Candle of Darkness.


With the power of Claw, you can climb even the sheerest wall.

Now that IS interesting. We don't have Claw magic yet. But you can guess that it's the next on the list!

Majorita lives in the Cave of Darkness. But there is no way to get there.

Oh, uh, hi there.

You are Firebrand, aren't you? You look like a hero. Try your skill against me?

Um, okay?

Gargoyle Duel

So, the Gargoyle Duel. As the video shows, it's kind of a joke test, as you can do like me and just tank the little a-hole as long as you hammer on the fire button. He's basically the same as the flying skeleton demons, seeking you out around the arena, only with a much smaller hitbox. He goes down pretty quickly.

You are truly worthy. I bestow the Armor of Guile upon you.

You have the Armor of Guile. Your vitality level has increased.

Whoa! You're very strong. See you later.

And with that we have one more pip added to our health bar. Considering how many enemies we will now encounter that do two or more hits of damage, that's much needed. And now the doorway to Bymon's place is empty and we can go in.

but before we talk to Bymon himself, I see some loot to liberate. It's only 3 vials, but hey, I'm taking it.

I'm the Barone of the land, Bymon. Firebrand, you are too late. They took the Candle. It's in the Desert of Destitution to the East of here.

Uh, I'm not really sure what's being asked here. Yes?

You are chicken-hearted. You obviously have no use for power. Your powers and your life are mine.

Whoa whoa whoa. Clearly this is an important question, but I have no idea what you're saying, Engrish translator man. So uh, No?

You are brave. If you recover the candle, I'll tell you where Majorita is.

And like that we're off. You'll see on the map above that the desert is pretty big, but there's a spot in the middle that's crater shaped. That's our destination. The only problem is that the desert's blowing wind pushes us all over the place, making a sort of maze to find the path to it. Eventually we'll come in from above, but the buffeting causes us to get into a bunch of random encounters on the way.

Desert of Destitution

You recovered the Candle of Darkness from the Desert of Destitution. You also received the power of Claw.

Sweet! Let's go talk to Bymon again and see about Majorita now. Also, as a bonus, the desert no longer blows us around. It's a straight shot, though in this playthrough, I had an enemy encounter immediately upon exiting.

You have done very well, Firebrand. You can get to the cave where Majorita lives by using the secret passage from this room.

Notice how in Bymon's room there's that little alcove on the right? Now we can walk right through the wall into a cave. There's even two lives and a few vials to pick up on the way! Score! Once we're back out in the overworld, our path is blocked by a lame enemy encounter.

I can't let you meet Majorita. Breager's orders.

It's just two more of those bulldog types. Yawn. With Claw, they only take like, four hits. No, the real barrier to Majorita's cave is the cave enterance itself.

Majorita's Cave

And here we are at the cave. That's Majorita right there. Easy enough.

If you want to know about the Red Blaze, light a candle at the altar.

After we USE the candle on the square, the room goes into negative colors and Majorita keeps teleporting around for us to talk to.

A long time ago, the Red Blaze defeated the King of Destruction, and locked him away, deep underground.

He was called the Red Blaze because his color was that of a blazing fire.

The Red Blaze...Yes, he was a mutant gargoyle.

There remains only one who is the same blood.

On that suspenseful note, the light comes back into the room, and a bad guy enters,blocking your final conversation with Majorita.

Firebrand! Once you know the secret of the Red Blaze, we can't set you free.

Fight in the Cave

That is, the best of my knowledge, the only small fight with that arena in the entire game. A neat little detail. But we make mince meat out of them, even though they're using the top tier random encounter monster.

Your power is also...Now I begin to understand! The one who is of the same blood is... Firebrand, it's you! Only you can defeat Breager. But you are so weak now... Go to the East and find Rushifell. Get the Eternal Candle from him.

And the final leg of our quest before taking on Breager himself is set! We ARE the Legendary Red Blaze! Tune in next time, for more Gargoyle's Quest!