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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

by Psion

Part 12: - Shattered Mountain


In this update, we play mission 12, Shattered Mountain.

This is it - last mission of the campaign. Team Ghost resolves the Raven's Rock crisis the only way they know how. Also, Cerberus sounds kind of like a robot this time. Microphone problems.

Intense Final Sequence - As you can see, Lazyfire has an action-packed, excitement-filled, edge-of-his-seat thrill ride to wrap up the final mission of the game: Watching someone else do everything while being unable to do anything because Ubisoft hates him.

We're not done with the thread, though. At a minimum, we want to go through Raven Strike, campaign DLC that's supposed to be "a throwback to the original Ghost Recon," and having played the original GR that concerns me. Also, Guerrilla, a wave-based cooperative defense mode with UAVs, airstrikes, and deployable sentry guns. Of course which order we do those in is up for discussion.