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Part 29: The Ore Mound

Quick, small update today.

Update 27: The Ore Mound

Xardas greeted me when I returned. "As I can see, you've found the ore armor. It belonged to the general who wielded URIZIEL in the battle against the Orcs."

"I hope it'll bring me more luck than it did him! Have you completed the magic formula to reactivate URIZIEL?"

The necromancer nodded. "It's done. But you won't be able to use it by yourself."

"Why not?"

"It has to be spoken by a magician while you touch the power source with the sword."

"Then I'll have to look around for some support!"

Xardas gave me the scroll. "Take the formula and restore the sword's former power. You'll need it!"

"Since I'm a magician, it'll be hard for me to wield URIZIEL."

"There is a solution... But first you have to restore the blade's former powers! Then come back!"

Now that I had the formula, I needed to find someone to read it while I held the sword. I examined URIZIEL one last time before I returned to the New Camp.

When I appeared in Saturas' room, I saw the Fire Mage Novice Milten conversing with Saturas. When he saw me, he greeted me happily.

"Greetings, my friend. I haven't seen you for ages."

"Hello, Milten. A lot has happened since we met the last time. I would like to tell you everything but I don't have the time right now. I'm in a hurry."

As Milten walked away, I realized that he was just what I needed.

"Milten, I need your help!"

"What's up? How can I help you?"

"Let's go somewhere where we can tell"

Milten shrugged. "Fine. Follow me"

Milten took me to an unoccupied building just outside.

"Now tell me." Milten said. "What is it?"

"I need the magic powers of the ore mound and I don't think it would be a good move to ask the other Magicians of Water."

Milten was flabbergasted. "You're joking!"

"This is no time for jokes. I'm deadly serious. I've seen Xardas, the Necromancer! I'm working under his orders"

"XARDAS? You're beginning to scare me! Nobody has spoken to him since he left the Old Camp."

"I have!"

"What do you need the powers of the ore mound for?" Milten asked.

I showed him the magicless URIZIEL. "I want to transfer them to this sword here."

Milten's eyes widened. "Wow, what a weapon!

"It's name is URIZIEL. Xardas gave me this magic spell to carry out the transfer! You will have to recite it while I bring the sword and the ore together."

Milten looked the formula over. "Mmmm... Mmmm... It looks as if I only have to read out this spell. But we'll get in trouble with Saturas and the other magicians!"

"We'll have to take that risk! It really is VERY, VERY important! Important for ALL inhabitants of the colony."

Milten shook his head. "I don't understand..."

"It will get us out of here! You have to trust me!"

"Alright! After all you have done for us, I trust you completely. Besides, it seems Xardas trusts you as well. Meet me down at the ore mound, and... Don't tell anybody!"

"Good. Let's meet at the ore mound! See you there!"

Milten went through Saturas' chambers and exited through the other door, and I followed moments later. We regrouped on the path there.

After a good deal of walking I could finally see the mound. The blue from the ore filled the hall.

Milten and I were both now before the ore mound. We prepared ourselves for the ritual.

"Have you got the sword and the spell?" Milten asked.

I showed the sword and withdrew the scroll. "Here, take the spell!" I handed the scroll to Milten. "Are you ready?

Milten smiled nervously. "As ready as one can be for this crazy plan."

"Then let's do it!"

(Cutscene link)

The sword was now recharged with the magic from the now mundane ore mound.

"It's done." Milten said.

I closely examined the sword. "Unbelievable! The plain gray gem is shimmering blueish now!"

"That's a good sign! The magic powers of the ore mound really seem to be in the old sword now! But our little operation here seems to have attracted some attention."

"You should teleport yourself directly out of here!"

Milten was right. Saturas and the others did not look happy. They were angry and likely to attack me after what I'd done. I betrayed their trust.

I could hear shouts of alarm through the grate above as I teleported myself to Xardas' tower.

Update 27 supplement: An uncommented video of the entire update, cutscene included.Viddler