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Original Thread: Let's play Gothic. [SSLP]


Gothic is an RPG released in 2001 by German developer Piranha Bytes.

Prologue and Update 1: Arrival
Update 2: The Old Camp
Update 3: A wretched hive of scum and villainy
Update 4: The Brotherhood
Update 4.5: Pleasing the Gurus
Update 5: Pledging Loyalty
Update 6: Meeting the Mages

Update 7: Focus for Y'Berion
Update 8: New Camp Revenge
Update 9: The Minecrawler's Nest
Update 10: The Almanac
Update 11: Promotion

Update 12: The Ritual & Orc Cemetery
Update 13: Tetriandoch
Update 14: Artifacts of Ancient Power
Update 15: The Old Monastery.
Update 16: The Mountain Fort
Update 17: Milten the Fire Mage and the Last Focus
Update 17.5: Returning the Focus Stones

Update 18: The Ore Must Flow
Update 19: Xardas
Update 20: Chromanin
Update 21: A visit to the Not-So-Free Mine
Update 22: The Ulu-Mulu

Update 23: Guardians of the Portal
Update 24: The Orc Temple
Update 25: The Sunken Tower
Update 26: Vengeance, Fire, and Blood.
Update 27: The Ore Mound

Update 28: Chromanin redux
Update 29: The Sleeper

Lore Update
The Magic of Gothic, Part 1  (Addendum)
The Magic of Gothic, Part 2
The Magic of Gothic, Part 3
The armors of Gothic,
One handed weapons: Trained versus Untrained
Missing content

Gothic is an action RPG developed by Piranha Bytes, a German developer, and released in 2001. It features a rich, 3-D world full of characters with their own schedules. During the day, they will go about their business: The smith will be making swords, a chef will be stirring his pot of stew, and a peasant will work on his home. At night, they will retire to their shacks or go enjoy a late night pit fight. These are largely scripted and are not something they will deviate from on their own. Nevertheless, it adds to the game's atmosphere and adds a bit of realism to the world.

The game itself takes place in the world of Myrtana, a fairly typical medieval fantasy setting. Gothic 1 does not take place on the mainland however! Instead, you take the role of a prisoner sent to a penal colony to mine magic ore and bolster the King's armory in his fight against the Orcs that now invade his kingdom.

I'd go into it further but I feel the opening movie sets the mood fairly well.

Throughout the game, there will be a few instances where I will seek the opinion of the readers to determine what I do.

If you're interested in this game or the series as a whole then know that you can find a digital copy of Gothic at the fantastic This is the version I am playing with at the moment.

You can also look for the Gothic Universe which contains the first game, the second game and its expansion, and the last game in the Piranha Bytes developed trilogy. This is by far the best deal.

There are two Piranha Bytes developed sequels to Gothic 1, and one expansion. Gothic 2 and Gothic 2: Night of the Raven improve greatly on Gothic 1 gameplay and actually make the controls more user friendly (Mouse control!). Gothic 3, on the other hand, features a much larger world (and, in my opinion, boring world) but simplified combat. It also featured some hysterical bugs on release.

Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods is a standalone expansion to Gothic 3 that was not developed by Piranha Bytes and is supposed to fill the story between Gothic 3 and Gothic 4. It recieved terrible reviews and I've not bothered to buy it. Gothic 4 has been announced by Jowood but it is being done by another development team. The developers of Gothic 1, Gothic 2, and Gothic 3 have since moved on to a new project called Risen.

When I finish Gothic 1, I'll consider doing Gothic 2 Gold if someone else has not done it or if there is a demand for it. Gothic 3 is a different game and I don't enjoy it as much, so if anyone wants to do that feel free. Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods I will not touch.

The Hero

The Hero and playable character of the game. Just before he was about to be thrown into the colony, he was given a letter that is to be delivered to the Fire Magicians inside the colony. Now he struggles to do just that, and to also find a way out of the colony.


Diego is the first friendly character that the hero comes across. He gives a basic description of the Colony and advocates joining the Old Camp, where he himself lives as a Shadow.


Lester is the one who introduces the hero to the Sect Camp, where he lives as a novice. He has a good reputation in the camp, oftering helpand advice to the hero.


Chronos is a Magician of the Circle of Water who resides in the New Camp along with the rest of his order. He will give magic training and sell scrolls.


Lares is the man in the New Camp who inducts new members. He is also a leader of the rogues.


Lee is the leader of the Mercenaries in the New Camp and is the leader of the camp alongside the Water Mages.  On the mainland, he was a general to King Rhobar. When he was framed for a crime he did not commit, the King threw him into the colony. 

Cor Kalom

Cor Kalom is the Guru in charge of creating potions and other materials that assist in speaking with the Sleeper. He's the second in command of the Sect Camp.  After the events of Chapter 3, he leaves the camp with some Templars to find the Sleeper 


The diggers are commoners of the Old Camp. Poor and dressed in rags, they are the lowest class of the Old Camp. They tend to live in small shacks they've built around the Castle's exterior when they are not assigned to dig in the mines.

Old Camp Guard

These men serve as guards of the Old Camp. They can commonly be found enforcing what little law there is in the Old Camp or guarding important locations.

New Camp Mercenary

The mercenaries work for the Water Mages of the New Camp. They ensure the scrapers can mine without trouble and protect the mages.

New Camp Rogue

A rogue of the new camp. Skilled in the use of the bow these men survive by whatever means necessary.

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Mole Rat







Lesser Demon

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Old Camp

New Camp

Sect Camp

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