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Part 84: Behind The Scenes - Dating Millie

She walked past me, thinking I was going to turn around and give her a kiss, take her out to dinner somewhere, maybe some dancing.... after what I'd seen? After what she'd done? She really thought I could forgive that? What kind of man did she think I was?

"Carl, baby, is something wrong?" she asked as I stood seething, my fists clenched tight till I couldn't take it anymore and I spun around, drawing my straps.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??" she screamed, ducking for cover.


"Please Carl God no I got arrogant I thought I could violate city bylaws please don't shoo-" she squealed, then stopped as she saw my eyes,"No! NO!"

"Time to put yo' fire out, bitch," I told her, and pulled the trigger.


Later that night I was walking down the suburban streets of Venturas, still in a daze, when my phone rang. I picked up. It was Woozie.

"What's the hold up with that security pass, CJ?" he asked.

"There's been a slight setback," I admitted.

"What kind of setback?" he asked.

"Well, more of an unfortunate accident," I said quietly,"It's Millie, she's dead."

"What the fuck?" shouted Woozie,"How?"

Woozie was quiet for a moment, then he sighed.

"Well her pass will probably be in her house," he suggested at last,"You gotta break in and get it."

"Shit, you're right," I nodded,"Hey, I'm a call you when I get the card."

I stared around at Millie's fucked up secret world, remembered what I'd done to her in that bed at her request, the dildos of different shapes and sizes she'd begged for, telling me to treat her like shit, to make her my slave. Sure, that part had been fun, but staring at those open flames so near a wooden surface with no open ventilation.... it just got my blood boiling again. How could anyone think of sex when there was an open flame nearby? It was just insanity, safety regulations were paramount.

I walked outside with the keycard in my pocket, and put through a call to Woozie, telling him I had it.

"You the man!" he said, obviously trying to cheer me up,"Get back to the Four Dragons and we can get on with this thing!"

"See you in a minute," I nodded, and hung up, then walked away from Millie's.

Sorry Millie, you was fine and you was freaky, but violating fire safety regulations? That shit don't fly for this gangsta. That dog won't hunt, bitch.

That dog won't hunt.


So at this point you've probably already realized that this is either a Behind The Scenes Update with a twist or that I've completely lost it. What you've just seen is one of the ways that Carl can access the keycard for Caligula's. It makes no sense since it would require Carl to pull off the heist within a couple of hours of killing Millie (the police would obviously contact the Casino to tell them Millie was dead, and Millie's security clearance would be taken off of the system as a result) and there are still missions that need to be completed before the heist can be pulled off. It's mostly there in case of accidents, with a living breathing world like GTA's, it's possible for an NPC to be wiped out and "Break" the game. If Millie died and there was no recourse to get her security card, an entire mission subplot would be cut off. In games like Morrowind and Oblivion, they solve this by warning you've killed someone important or just making them invincible. In San Andreas, they accept the possibility of "shit getting fucked up" and give you an out.

Millie is one of only two "girlfriends" introduced to the game through storyline missions - the other being Denise - and the only one that requires at least some effort put into dating her in order to continue the game (or at the least the Heist Missions). As with the other girlfriends you can take her to dinner or out dancing, or just driving.

While dating Millie - like all girlfriends - she has a few interesting things to say, including her fascination with electric nipple clamps; how irritating it is to lose one half of a pair of leather gloves; and.... how airplane food makes her fart.


Unlike the other girls, however, she also has a very different idea of what constitutes a nice gift.

Of course, some people really dislike the girlfriend missions and the slow progress and limited timeframe per day in which you can "date" them. Luckily for them, Rockstar put in a little "shortcut" for Millie to get up to the 33% required to get Millie to willingly give you her keycard.

After "Key to her Heart" is completed, the Gimp Suit becomes available from CJ's wardrobe. Just put it on and go around to Millie's and you'll be invited in immediately for "the kinky shit..." without having to date her. As far as I know this bypasses all regular "hot coffee" requirements, so if you haven't collected all the oysters and you only have 10% progress with Millie, you can still have sex with her. After all, unlike the other girlfriends your first introduction to her isn't bumping into her at the firing range or the driving school or on the golf course. You meet her when she invites you inside to dominate her in rough bondage sado-masochistic sex, so.... well, she's probably not overly concerned with being seen to be "easy".

At 33% she will contact you about her keycard. At 50% she gives you the keys to her car - a pink "Club" - and at 100% you get... nothing. Normally at 100% you get given a new set of clothes, but you get that right at the start of dating Millie, so the only reason to get 100% (which doesn't count towards 100% game completion) is for the sake of it.

That concludes this look "Behind the Scenes" at dating Millie, perhaps the oddest of all the odd girlfriends that Carl encounters. The next update (probably a day away) finishes things up with her and moves on to further planning for the heist, most notably CJ's futile attempts to keep what he's planning quiet.