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Part 158: Cafu and Laine with Guido

Welcome back!

: Where you been, boy?

: Who's that? The Mogay Elder?

: Hey, hey, hey... why the funny face? Is this some problem for you, Milda, to see Justin and me together?

I... what? You're a temporary party member, Guido, not a rebound relationship!

: Guido, y'all haven't changed a bit! Always blabbin' on about somethin'.

: Anyway, I DO get your point. Looks like something big's happenin'. But I've a feeling you'll do just fine, Justin. I can tell.

: Tent... right... that's a funny joke. Hey, everybody likes a change of pace once in a while, am I right Justin?

Hooray, time for dinner again.

: Say that again. And there's a lot of smart people here, and hard workers.

: But, I COULD do without the cold.

: But I think the Lainians would say Zil Padon is too hot for them, don't you?

: I like it here. And besides, Milda is here too. Let's stay a while.

Rapp's conversation is the same as it was before, about how Laine has cool people and Cafu is full of assholes.

: You were shocked at how they looked? I don't NEVER let that bother me.

: I mean, YOU look different from ME. You got a different personality from me too. Am I right?

: Well, of course we have different personalities. I mean, no one is the same.

: That's it, Justin! Everyone's different! So they look different too, right?

: Guido's right! You know? He's right!

: I don't look anything like Juss either, but we're buds.

: Appearances don't got nothing to do with nothing. Justin, I'm surprised we even gotta talk about this.

: Anyway, we got things to do in Laine. I think break time's over. Let's get to it.

And, lastly, let's check back in with Nicky.

Jesus fuck, Nicky.

: Heh? What you say? This little brat... he learn the bad mouth, maybe from Rapp?

: Whoa! That critter can talk! Rapp, did you see that? I never saw a talking animal before! Is it OK if I feed it something?!

: Ay! You wanna touch my ears and make me your pet? Wassa matter? Don't have no kids to play with?

Phew. And that, finally, is that.

See you next time!