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Original Thread: For Great Justice, Let's Play Growlanser II!



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Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice (GL2) was released in Japan in 2001, and in the US along with Growlanser III in 2004. The combination of II and III as Growlanser Generations was the final localization release by Working Designs. The series (except for the first game) is best described as a type of tactical or strategy RPG, but without grid based movement like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics. I've played all but the fourth and sixth games in the series, and GL2 is still my favorite by far. It has good replayability especially because it's a short game (around 15 hours, but I've beaten it in four and a half using an in-game cheat), but also with three ending paths with variants, and nine "dateable" characters on one of those paths, giving a total of 14 endings. With creative saving, you only have to run through the game a few times to get them all. In this LP, We're gonna get every single one of these endings. The order we get these endings in is up to you, the readers.

Meet The Heroes of Justice

Age: 17
Our main character. He's always admired the skill of the Imperial Knights of Burnstein and has some big goals for his future. Turning his dreams into reality will prove more treacherous than he ever imagined.

Age: 19
He enrolled in the Academy to fulfill his father's last wish, even though he dislikes fighting. He wishes to study fighting techniques in order to prevent war.

Age: 15
With his childlike enthusiasm, he puts his all into whatever assignment is given to him, even if it gets annoying at times.

Age: 15
Born to a life of wealth and privilege, but longing for more adventure than her assigned place in society allows, she enrolls in the Academy with the intention of one day becoming an Imperial Knight.

Age: 18
The main character from Growlanser I, he is a lot like Wein because he was forced into a position of power and responsibility at a young age.

Age: 22
A mysterious outsider, he has a story that many in the kingdom could never guess. He was an important NPC in Growlanser I.

Age: 26
Another returning character from Growlanser I, he has a history as a mercenary and a servant of the King.

Age: 19
A mysterious woman who knows some powerful magic, far more powerful than what a woman protecting a small village should have. Xenos seems to know the truth behind this mystery...

Age: 22
He is one of the best known mercenary leaders in the three-kingdom area. His past is unknown, but he seems to have plans for the future...

Age: 17 (Arieta), ? (Sereb)
Arieta's sweet appearance and soft voice are at odds with her tough determination and battle-hardened skills. Sereb is a member of the Silver Fox tribe, and Arieta's constant companion.

Age: 19
A generic soldier who ends up being some extra help in a tough situation. He's so generic that he doesn't even appear in the game's opening.

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