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Original Thread: I agree that I am boned: Let's Play Gunpoint



I agree that I am boned: Let's Play Gunpoint

Uncredited Artist, found on the Steam Store via Google Images

What is Gunpoint?

Gunpoint is a 2D Puzzle Platformer with something of a mechanical twist. Released in 2013, this game was developed by Tom Francis of Suspicious Developments, and has generally received positive reviews.

Set in the near future, the plot starts with our protagonist, Freelance Spy Richard Conway having made his newest purchase - the "Bullfrog Hypertrousers" which allows him to make huge leaps through the air - and survive the landing. From there, things rapidly spin out of control as he finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery. Who is the man who shot the victim, and why?

What's the Gimmick?

Well, aside from jumping around and being able to stick to walls and the ceiling, the primary means of completing your missions is by use of the Crosslink tool. You see, at some time in the future, all the electrical systems in buildings were refitted to have a universal electrical system, which means that a wall switch can be changed on the fly from controlling the lights in the room to a locked door on a different floor.

Image provided by Tom Francis via Wikipedia

The use of the Crosslink is very difficult to describe, so I suppose I will have to show you in the game. But the intent behind it is to allow players to manipulate the level in such a manner as they choose, rather than being forced into the 'best' solution.

How will you play this game?

At this time, I plan on presenting two run-throughs, plus bonus content for missed dialogue options and different ways to beat the final room of the final level. The first runthrough I call "The Paragon" path, which will involve minimal violence, minimal property damage, and general stealth. During dialogue, I will seek to be the nice guy as much as possible.

The second run will be "The Renegade". No cares about injuries, damage or anything between Conway and his objectives. And he'll be an asshole.


I actually miss two results in this video. The first is to simply have Gessler Surrender, then leave without hurting him. The other is to rewire his gun so he can't shoot you with it, forcing him to surrender.


Richard Conway, Freelance Spy. Protagonist. Has a Nice Hat.

Melanie Rooke. Owner and CEO of Rooke Firearms. Boss of Katie Collins and Selina Delgado. Formerly in a relationship with Mark Jackson. Competitor to Fritz Gessler.

Katie Collins. Analyst for Rooke Firearms. In jail for murdering Selina Delgado. Innocent.

Franz Gessler. Potty mouth. Runs Intex. Competitor to Melanie Rooke.

Julian Mayfield. Police Chief of the Actual Police. Investigating internal corruption. Reads what Conway types.

Mark Jackson. Rooke's Ex. Thief. Adulterer. Just wants to walk away.

Gunpoint has many different ways to manipulate the environment, and this is where I will show them off. I loosely group them into two sides. "Cause" is anything in the level that can be used to create a difference, and "Effect" is anything in the level that can have its state changed by the mechanics of the level. Not everything shows up right away, so I will slowly add things here as they become relevant.


The Wall Switch is the second simplest 'cause' in the game. Simple stand in front of it, and activate it to cause everything down-circuit to flip into the opposite state. Guards will flick a switch 3 times if the lights go out before moving into a patrol pattern.

The Camera only requires that you pass into its line of view to activate the circuit. At first, they do nothing, simply recording what passes in front of them, but later on they will be connected to things that will make your life harder. Often found in front of doors, on walls, on the ceiling, inside, outside....

The Motion Sensor is another trigger, except this one only activates when someone - be they a guard or Conway - passes through them. Can be used to set up timed events.

The Sound Sensor is another trigger, one that can be activated remotely. When they detect a loud sound, such as Alarms, gunshots, breaking glass or elevator bells, they trigger.

I would say that Guns don't kill people, but they do. They can be set off remotely, firing the weapon and causing the guard to spend a few seconds resetting it (or killing another guard), or can be set as a Cause, where pulling the trigger does something else.


The Door can be open or closed by a connecting cause. Just be careful, those things move fast, and getting smacked in the face is quite embarrassing. Shown here in its opened and unopened states, with door switches next to them. Door Switches can only be triggered by guards.

The Lights illuminate the room/floor they are in, and while in the light, the guards have perfect line of sight. In the dark, they need to be much closer to identify you. And remember that their policy is to shoot first, and ask questions later.

It's a door. It opens up under people. Why would people install this in their commercial buildings in the first place?!?!

Often tied to cameras, Alarms, when triggered, alert every guard on the level, and the nearer ones will come to investigate. Expect things to get harder if you botch it.

The Electrical Socket will act as a taser when activated, shocking whoever is standing beside it. It is a 'silent' knockout, so it won't alarm the AI. With a certain piece of equipment, you can build them into Crosslink Chains.

The Vault Door is an automated door that does not have a hand-scanner nearby for the guards to open it. Rather, it has to be activated remotely, and will automatically close after 3 seconds. If someone is standing under it when it closes though....


Windows are transparent, and can be shattered under sufficient force. This means that guards can see you through them - and shoot you! Also, breaking them creates a bit of noise, which will draw in a lot of attention from nearby guards.

Stairs are just that, a quick way to go from one floor to the next. Note that there is no in-between, and and unlike the elevator, you cannot hide in them.

The Elevator is a slower means of going from one floor to another. The elevator car is slow, and must be summoned to your current floor before you can move up or down. The Elevator Switch to summon the car is both a cause and an effect, and the arrival of the elevator generates noise which can attract nearby guards. However, if you are in the elevator, and the doors are open, the guards cannot see you.

Laptops like this contain optional goals and further world building.

These computers tend to be the primary objective(s) in a level. It takes a few seconds to do what you have to in front of them, so make sure you won't get caught by any guards while doing so!

Missed Dialogue
Due to the length of the game's script, the whole thing is made in this separate post.

Fan 'art'
This Grimwit's interpretation of what Conway was doing after the Renegade Gessler Missions:

Grimwit posted:

[picks up phone while counting Gessler money] Hello.

Conway, turn on the news. Gessler knew you were coming. Watch your back.

Watch my bank. Got it.

No, Back. Watch your BACK. Gessler might want you dead.

Want me paid?

He might back-stab you!

I swear I didn't back-stab you!


What money? I mean, I didn't tell anyone! I mean... Come on, it's only $450!

Conway, what are you talking about?

Oh, Christ, I gotta go! [hangs up] [Takes a deep breath.]

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