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H.A.W.X. 2

by Cooked Auto

Part 7: Mission 7 & 8

Mission 7 - Thieves in the night
Mission 8 - Seek and Destroy

Thieves in the Night
The weapons that were used against the Prince Faisal base are tracked back to a notorious smuggler residing in a lawless, militia controlled city on an African coast. The weapons are of Russian origin and the Russian government sends one of their top field agents to assist the HAWX in dismantling the weapon smuggling chain.

Seek and Destroy
After establishing the main targets that must be hit in order to take down the weapon smuggling operation, Major Alex Hunter flies above the city armed for a night strike. The militias controlling the city don't have the technology required to detect his stealth plane, but they do their best to fill the sky with bullets.

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Aircraft Flown: F/A-18E Super Hornet

Another double mission deal due to the first one being very short and being one those missions. Thus not deserving a solo update at all. This one is however sequential.
Also one of the sentences may look a bit wonky due to me forgetting to cross over a word in it.

Extra music
Dos Gringos - JDAM Blues
Dos Gringos - Predator Euology