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H.A.W.X. 2

by Cooked Auto

Part 14: Mission 14, 15, 16

Mission 14 - The truth
Mission 15 - Getaway

The truth
A nuclear bomb explodes on Russian territory and wipes out the Romashkino oil fields, essential to the countrys (sic) energetic independence. The separatists seem to be responsible and the Russian president is blamed for not being aggressive enough with them. After president is deposed by a coup détat, General Morgunov rallies himself with the new power at Kremlin. Captain Sokov follows him and, while on the hunt for the separatist leaders, has a surprised encounter.

Following the coup détat, Russia is under a complete information blackout. The only way for agent Drachev and Captain Sokov to deliver the essential information that they have to the West is to take them with them as they steal a plane and head for a rendezvous with the HAWX.

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Aircraft Flown: SU-35(BM Super Flanker) Flanker-E

Mission 16 - No room for error

After rescuing Captain Sokov and agent Drachev, the HAWX crew finds out about the Russian conspiracy and about the threat of a nuclear comb being detonated inside Cape Town. Carrying a Russian device that can track the bomb, they head into the city in a race against time.

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Aircraft Flown: (Dassault) Rafale M

What's this you may ask, three missions in one update? Surely there is some logic to this madness.

There is, the video and mission lengths are really damn short and I didn't want to do an update with only an 8 minute video at one point. Besides, they are connected to each other anyway.
But now we've cleared both the obligatory canyon run mission as well as the gimmick mission in one sweep.
Thankfully this time around the gimmick mission isn't as half as annoying as the ones in the previous game.

And yes I know the music can be a bit loud at places and I probably should've just subtitled what Drachev says during the car ride in hindsight.