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Part 18: Mission 20 - Last stand

Mission 20 - Last stand

Defeated, General Morgunov seems to have lost any reason and is prepared to resort to an extreme solution. His troops have overrun a nuclear facility in the Kamchatka region and are aiming the facilitys (sic) ballistic missiles at major cities all over the world

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Aircraft Flown: Eurofighter Typhoon

Well, that's that really. Last mission of the campaign done. Not more I can say about that. Once again a pretty okay mission, and a helluva better finisher than what we had last time around.
Not entirely too pleased with the later music choices but the mission didn't deserve that a really grandiose soundtrack at the end.
Yeah, not much else I can say really. May have a Survival video up by next or something extra. Not sure. We'll see.