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Part 20: Special - Survival Mode Solo run

Survival gameplay mode - Solo Run

*Had no good pictures to choose from.*

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Right, let me just begin with saying that this video is long.
It clocks in at almost 40 minutes with no commentary aside from whats mentioned in the beginning. If anything I kinda recommend just watching the first 15 to 20 minutes of it.
Also this video serves as a slight litmus test to see if there is an interest to show off how Survival plays in co-op. If such is the case I may just edit something together then instead of showing the entire thing.

Right then a couple of comments regarding the video:
I was wrong with my earlier comment that you can not have both HSM and JSM at the same time. You can carry both at the same time. (Not that know why you would actually do that tbh.)
And hopefully I've now also demonstrated how utterly useless JSM's are. They work as a finisher on already damaged aircraft but are in a normal combat situation useless due to the lock on time as well as handling.

I know I stop using the target tracking function after a while but about that time there was so many planes I had to focus on actually getting rid of them to use that function.

I know the framerate does drop at some occasions. Most likely due to the numbers of things in the air at the same time. There are a couple of noticeable gaps in which I had to pause the recording to allow to reset and go back to normal.

This map is possibly one of the most gimmicky of the three maps that are available for Survival. The second one is frankly a lot better due to it.
If you are wondering, yes that cutscene focusing on the power up appears every single time you play that level.

And yes, I do finish the last wave without actually destroying everything. In order to actually complete a wave you need to destroy everything that spawned for that specific wave.