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Part 17: Let's Play Halo 1 & 2 bonus Material #2 - Halo Thumbnail Theater Part 2

Let's Play Halo 1 & 2 bonus Material #2 - Halo Thumbnail Theater Part 2

Battle for Installation 04.

What the hell is that?
I am mysterious. Oooooo
Hah! Found you. Wait, is that a Sacred Ring?
Oh crap. Wake up our sleeping beauty.
So I heard I was needed.
Chief. Take Cortana with you.
Demon! Die!
Emergency landing!
So now I'm stuck on this thing. Better help the others.
: Holy shit. Is that a Spartan?!
Oh shit. Covenant is after us.
Ellen Dowski: Waaah. Waaaah. I don't want to do this. Let's turn us in.
Ellen Dowski: Waaaah. I'm going to betray you anyway.
Gee thank for this. Now you die.
Ellen Dowski: Not fair. Blargh.
They've captured Captain Keyes.
Never fear, rescue is on the way.


Antonio Silva: Well. Now we've got a foothold on this place. Let's call it… Alpha Base.
Melissa McKay: That's an ehm… brilliant name sir.
Silvia: I thought so. Now let's just hang back and chill a bit.

*Meanwhile on ship Truth and Reconciliation*

Behold my brethren, we have found one of the Sacred rings. As the texts proclaim it is a great weapon of unimaginable powers.
Aye, so it was written.
Hm. Interesting.


Captain, we're here to rescue you.
No you're not.
Yes I am.
We give! He's yours.
You need to go and find the map room for this place so we can find the control room for this weapon.
, Cortana: Okay.
While I'm going to check this highly suspicious weapons cache.

*Silent Cartographer*

Wheee! It's Operation Overlord from the air.
Stop them!
Well we've found the map now.

*Meanwhile elsewhere*

This cache isn't suspicious at all. Despite all the dead Covenant. Open this door.
Yes sir.
Blargh! We infect you!
Marine: AUGH!
*cough* Guys. I can do it too.
Oh god the pain.

*Assault on the Control Room*


*In the control room.*

Oh crap.
Go find the Captain now!


This place is strangely empty. What's behind this door?
Blargh! We infect you!
Fat chance.
Hello. I am the caretaker of this place, 343 Guilty Spark.
Hello. You sound like a jerk but I will ignore that for now.
We must hurry to prevent the Flood from spreading. Follow me to the Library, we must get the index.

*Several long and boring Flood filled corridors later.*

Splendid, we have the Index.

*At Alpha Base*

Well this is just great.
Jenkins: Waaah. Kill me.
McKay: No.

*Back in the control room.*

Now let's activate the ring and-
Fat chance you idiots.
This ring is a weapon.
A weapon that kills Flood hosts and not the Flood.
*splutter* Curses, my plans have been foiled. Kill them.
Fat chance.

*After backtracking through the entire Control Room level.*

We need to get the Captains implants to blow up the Autumn and destroy this thing.
He's back on the Truth and Reconciliation again. Let's use this rings teleportation system to get there.
And why didn't we use it earlier?

*After backtracking through a Flood infested TnR.*

Kill meee…
A man gotta do what a man gotta do. Spartan punch!
That smell will never get out of my armor.
Let's head back to the Pillar of Autumn now.
Teleport time?
Damn it.
+ Wheeee.

*Meanwhile at Alpha Site.*

Silva: Right. I've had enough of this shit. We're now heading to the TnR.
McKay: Oookay…
Silva: Well I don't to be here when this place explodes.
McKay: Oh.

*At the newly reclaimed TnR.*

Silva: I like it. With a dash of paint and some boards we'll have it mobile.
McKay: Sir, I have some issues with this whole plan of leaving. It's about the Flood and it's life as a parasi-
Silva: Nonsense. The plan is flawless. Oh think of all the fame and glory I'll receive when I get back.
McKay: Great…
Jenkins: Destroyy thaaaat thiiiing…
The power cable? Won't that send the ship crashing to the surface of the- Oh.
Down I go!
My boss was a jerk and deserved it. Blargh.
Jenkins: Finally.

*Meanwhile at the PoA wreckage.*

So what you need to do is to blow up the reactors so we can destroy this thing.
Goddamn it. Screw you. We're doing it anyway.
I am suddenly filled with a warm fuzzy feeling.
Shit. There goes our ride.
Wait, there's a ship left in the hangar.
Run you fool!
I am running!
I go boom now.
Oh Shi-!
Oh shi-!
Ah fuck.
Still have 2 or so more parts to do to cover First Strike, Ghosts of Onyx and Halo 2.
Although I think I need to redo some icons as they're a tad bit on the small side.