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Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

by Yapping Eevee

Part 25: The round-up begins.

Update 24: The round-up begins.

Hey there, everyone! Welcome to the second-last 'real' update of the LP. This may end up being a bit disjointed as we run around to all the different areas and chase up lots of little things, but I hope you'll all enjoy it anyway.

After starting off with something that Quillpaw pointed out since last update, let's head on back to the Clubhouse for a bit.

It's perfect! You bring in your gems, create accessories, then take your photo in the Photo Studio! It's all high fashion!

As Boss is quite eager to explain, the room that's quietly been in construction for the entire game is now finally open for business. Also, this means we can actually do something with all those rocks and gems I've been hoarding!

...And that something is play dress-up.

...I don't need. I've only got one, but it's a sturdy board, and I'd hate to waste it... Think you could make use of it, Hamtaro?

You're offering me the chance to add another item to my inventory. Do you really have to ask?

Sweet. That's our third board, as some of you may recall.

Now, let's take a quick look inside the new Accessory Room.

Ooooh, nice carpet. Very fancy.

Here, I take a pinch of gems, add a dash of skill and... WHAM! We get some fantastic accessories!♥

As you can see, talking to the hamster here will open up a special menu full of the gems in your collection...

...and selecting one will show you three different accessories that require that gem. Be warned, though; some gems are used in more than three recipes! You may need to exit and re-enter a few times to find all the possibilities.

We'll leave this alone for now.

...Hey, wait a minute!

Scoot! Scoot!♥

Harmony isn't gone for good, it seems. That cutscene lied to me.

Leaving aside that sad fact, there's one last point of interest in the Clubhouse: being able to watch Duet again on the TV.

If you can guess how we're going to unlock the other two options here, treat yourself to a biscuit or something.

Moving on to Sunny Peak, we stop by to have a quick chat with Seedric. I neglected to mention this due to how commonplace (and largely useless) sunflower seeds are, but those acorns we've occasionally been finding can be sold to our friend here for 20 seeds a piece.

It's a fine way to make a few extra, should you need them.

However, the real purpose for our visit here is further up, way back where we tricked Spat into stepping off a broken bridge.

This is where we can finally find the last of the Clubhouse crew, the industrious Panda.

Sorry, but it's under repairs... ...Sheesh! What a sad tale it is. I built this bridge with my own two paws, and look at the state it's in. How did it come to this?

That's a good question... It was already broken when we first came here.

Oh, almost forgot...

I need 'em to finish my repairs 'cause it looks as if I'm gonna end up a bit short... Help me out, will ya?

Oh, thank goodness for that! This strap has been taking up inventory space since the second update!

Don't go too far now!

Excellent! Handing over all three boards and that strap is enough to satisfy Panda's needs...

...and a quick trip down in the minecart is enough to finish the repairs.

He's done a pretty good job, though the art team may have gotten a tiny bit lazy. That out-of-place bit of rope on the bottom makes it look like they just added three copies of a plank graphic in, ordered them to the back and called it a day.

Yep... Good work if I must say so myself!

...Okay then.

If you say so, Panda.

Thanks again for all your help.♥

No problem, buddy. Now, let's see what's over here...

...Huh. Not much of anything, aside from what looks like a weird key.

Fortunately, you can just Tack-Q it down off the rock.

Hmm, speaking of which...

The nearby rock-filled cave has that symbol over its massive-keyholed door, which looks like it could be a rainbow.

Trying out our new key...

Woah, that's a pretty serious shade of purple.


Anyway... This oversized rock happens to be beyond even Hamtaro and Bijou's mighty polishing abilities for the moment, which means it has to contain one of the mystical five-star gems. Any accessories we could make from one of those would have to be pretty swanky.

What can it open? Zzz...

Since we can't do anything with that right now, let's finally get on with our first postgame task: Re-uniting the Spat Tower lovers. Snoozer kindly gives us a hint where we might find the key to freeing the former minion's girlfriend.

There's only a few rich hamsters about, and we already know that the one in the Wildwoods happens to be looking for an accessory. Perhaps we can negotiate a trade?

But first... A couple of little things to look into.

For one thing, there's this acorn. Seems kind of out-of-place, doesn't it?

Turns out it's part of the parakeet gang being jerks again.

Effectively, this makes the former boss-fight into a minigame, with the acorn as your prize. It still gets the sweet boss music, though.

Next stop: Bog's place!

What do you think, ukii?

...Hang on, what? New baby?


Words fail me. Bog's hot spring egg has hatched!

This first time for Bog...♥

D'awwwww. Could you two be any more adorable?

...Really? You want us to name your little ducky, Bog?

Hmmmm... I'm gonna have to go with Quackle.

Oooh, sweet! For naming Bog's new baby, we get the second-last Ham-Jam; Monkey Salsa sounds like it should be the level completion jingle for a jungle-themed game. Definitely a fan of this one.

Bog and Quackle are the best.

We can't bask in their ultimate adorableness all day, though... It's time to move on to something rather less pleasant to look at.

Urgh... Yes, the rich lady still wants an accessory. As for what kind, there happens to be a new option on the menu when dealing with her.

Ah, of course. The true collectors have to have the pooie stuff along with the good ones. That's understandable.

Her odd mannerisms, however...

Wait! That's it!

This is a recipe.

Well, that went rather well. She offered us the very item we need, and all we have to do to get it is make something uncool!

The recipe she hands over is for the Pooie Earrings... which are more annoying to make than you might expect. You see, it takes 2 Glass Beads to make.

I haven't found a single Glass Bead up until this point. Time to go rock gathering!

Fortunately, it only takes about 30 minutes to find the ones I need. It goes a lot quicker once I actually remember where Glass Beads most commonly appear. (If you're playing this for yourself, look in the Fun Land cave for them.)

After you've got the materials, it's just the matter of paying a small fee... A phrase which I read in Moneybags' voice even as I was typing it.

Sadly, the accessory maker disappears behind the curtain to do his work, so we don't get to see him in action.

Still, just as long as it gets made. (An important note: See this screen? This only appears when you either have an accessory/clothing piece or enter the postgame; you can store up to 30 Photo Studio items here. If you want more, you have to trash some of the old ones!)

But enough prattle... Let's hand over these uncool earrings.

Well, kind of. Close enough.

As promised, I will reward you.♥

Great! Now we can leave and never come back.

Yeah, sure. Enjoy your earrings (and stop staring into our souls).

It's time to return to the recently-freed minion and save the day! Oh, and there's new music now that Spat's gone.

...But first, there are some new visitors to Spat Tower.

Uh-huh... Wonder what his deal is.

There's another hamster inside who's poking around Spat's throne. Maybe they'll give us some answers.

I'm the reporter on the spot! Rader! I'm here checking into a story involving a shady hamster in a weird costume!

The problem is that the trouble maker has vanished! I'm sure this will lead to an investigation...

Yeah... Good luck with that, Radar. You just keep poking around in here.

Speaking of poking around, you can Stickie the parts on either side of the room for a total of 50 sunflower seeds. That'll come in handy for the Boutique update.

Ha ha ha... You found me out!

Now that we've found the reporter, Drizzle here lets us know who he is. Somehow, I get the feeling these two might have been important outside this game...

All that they're good for here is giving us the tenth and final Ham-Jam, Hamour! This is the cheery little tune that plays during Duet, and the default dance for it seems to be a partial recreation from that.

Ha ha ha. Generous of me, eh?

Ooooh, an exclusive preview? Lovely.

We could go ahead and save the hostage now, but... Well, let's leave that for next time. We'll be saving the last of the loving relationships, filling our dictionary, gathering the remaining keys and busting a move or two! See you then, folks!

Bonus video:

...Almost forgot this!