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by Yapping Eevee

Part 29: Meet the Hams! Part II + Ham-Hams Unite!

I almost wish you had waited on some of those, Bijou has such a wonderful reaction to Hamtaro gogo-ing on the strap. Anyway,

Meet the Hams! Part II

First in this update, we met Oxnard!

Gender: Boy
Birthday: May 3
Star Sign: Taurus
Height: 10 cm

Oxnard was the first hamster Hamtaro met, and the two immediately became fast friends (and, by sheer coincidence, Laura did the same with Oxnard's owner, Kana!). Oxnard's not much of an adventurer, being a bit of a worrywart, but so long as he's got a snack with him, he'll follow Hamtaro to the ends of the earth! His two biggest loves are sunflower seeds and his beloved Pepper.

We saw, but haven't quite met, our second protagonist, Bijou!

Gender: Girl
Birthday: July 10
Star Sign: Cancer
Height: 7.5 cm

Bijou is perhaps the sweetest hamster you'll ever meet. Kind, polite, and incredibly generous, she is always happy to help out a Ham in need. She and her owner Maria are from France, and it shows in her speech and her love of adorable Ham fashion- like her favorite blue ribbons. While Boss pines for her, she only has eyes for Hamtaro...not that he has any idea.


Gender: Girl
Birthday: January 1
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: ??

Pepper is not an official Ham, and so unfortunately my information was just a bit limited. She's Oxnard's girl- his wife in fact!- a strong-willed, quick-tempered farm girl, owned by Kana's cousin Dylan. After marrying Oxnard, the two left the Hams to go live together in the country.

Ham-Hams Unite!
A lot of gags and characters make a return appearance from the first Hamtaro adventure game, Ham-Hams Unite!. The tree where you find the acorn is one of them. In both games, there is a large tree that drops an acorn after a Tack-Q, but can be Tack-Qed again. One will drop a single cocoon on a string, which Hamtaro finds amusing. A second will drop three cocoons, and a third will drop a MASSIVE cocoon which frightens Hamtaro and sends him bolting from beneath the tree. I always thought it was a cute little gag, especially for those who recognize it from the first game.