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Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue

by Yapping Eevee

Part 17: Practicing for the Ham-Ham Games.

Fair warning: Since we managed to open up a couple of shortcuts in the park during our last visit, this update may feel a little bit disjointed. There’s a lot of running back and forth around the park and pond to be done, and I’m sure I could have streamlined things a bit better than I did.

I want you to give ice-cream bars to anyone who wants any.

Other hamsters are oddly eager to trust us with food despite Oxnard’s presence, it seems.

It’s easy! Give one to any hamster who wants something cold. Thanks!♪

Wait, you’re giving these icecreams away for free? Anyway, Lolly hands over four kinds of icecream bars; they come in sunflower seed, carrot, sardine and cabbage flavours.

There’s also an unused trampoline right here, and we already know what we need that for.

That hamster can’t get down. Can you help out?

We’re not just carrying this around for a workout, ma’am.

...That must be a very tightly stretched trampoline.

Evidently not. We don’t actually get a reward from these hamsters at all, beyond the fact that we can now walk along the fence the kid was standing on.

Said fence leads us behind the swing set, and over to…

Um… Excuse me? We kinda need to get past…

I’ll give you more sunflower points, too. That’s if you win. It all depends on your number of wins. Is there a Ham-Ham with enough courage to fight me?

Yes...Yes! I’ll do it!

The mysterious seedslinger’s minigame is a simple one, but your reflexes need to be pretty decent. The timing’s tight, and the coin moves at different speeds every time you play.

It’s easy to start another, too. You get twenty times (wins - losses) in sunflower points when you decide to move on, but only one sticker.

And then the seedslinger moseys on out of here.

Which allows us to claim another sticker for our collection!

The fence leads on to the park’s rainbow bridge, which means you could come in this way and get stuck behind the kid who hasn’t jumped down, forcing you to either backtrack…

...or get another dose of Mode 7!

Zooming through the skies on pigeon-back takes us to where the old hamster was complaining about the pigeon’s absence on our first visit. The reporter was camped out in this log looking for red flying saucers, remember?

The return trip is also considered a unique minigame, so we’ll fly back and make our way from there. I’ll spare you a video this time.

Call the police immediately!

Back in the park, it looks like Mama-Ham’s little ones have gone walkabout. We’ll have to keep an eye out for them. But first, we need to attend to some other business…

Like retrieving this flyer, over where Howdy caught that blue chicken.

Not that it does us much good when the store is still locked, of course. We’ve got quite a list of things that need taking care of, don’t we?

Further to the right, we have a turnip that we can uproot. This only takes six hamsters, so we could have done this way back in update seven.

However, the only thing behind it is a can, which gets taken to the left of the item shop. Since we didn’t have Penelope with us at the time, opening up this minigame wouldn’t have done any good.

‘Can do!’ is Penelope’s usual fare, based around balance and avoiding three bugs. The main oddity to it is that one of the bugs is right at the end of the course.

Aside from a few seeds, the only reason to cross that stretch of water is to hand over the sardine-flavoured icecreams.

Heading down to the path we took around the reporter, there’s another frog we can scare away.

Ah, this is the deadend near the hopscotch games. Except now we’re up where we can actually do something.

The sunflower seed icecream gets handed over to this guy; all the hamsters who crave something cold have exactly the same dialogue.

We can also pick up that board and throw it over to make a path somewhere else, but now we need to backtrack.

If we head up into the tree with the broken staircase inside, we can hand out the carrot-flavoured icecream to that hamster, and then have Panda make a new path for us by patching a few holes.

Ending up on the opposite side from where Stan rejoined the group, we can make use of that path we just opened with that board.

Oh, hey. Guess we just found where the Jump-Rope Brothers went to!

While the goal is still twenty successful jumps, you can now keep going after that, having the rope spin faster and faster until you finally slip up.

Just watching got me all tensed up! I know! To reward such fine jumping, I’ll give you this!

They’ll make trophies for anything these days, it seems.

Oh, and one of Mama-Ham’s little ones is hiding back here as well. That birthmark must be convenient for telling which one’s which.

When you rescue one of the babies, they’ll reappear by Mama-Ham’s side immediately. Guess we’re allowed to carry little frogs in our inventory, but not baby hamsters.

Over by where we entered the park the first time, we can finally grab this out of the tree.

Well, hopefully we can open the store with this.

You went to the trouble to find it? Thank you. What a relief. Now I will open the store.

You’re using a bent bit of wire as the actual key? Perhaps you should get a proper one made instead, lady.

At any rate, this means we’re getting ever closer to having all the pictures, mats and stickers for our collection.

Our newest picture’s called The Great Theory. Looks like Maxwell might be onto something there…

Over by the slide, Stan can make this plant grow with the power of dance. No, that’s not a joke.

He can also make these flowers bloom, though it just gives us sunflower points and one-star stickers like any other task.

Remember the Karate-Ham over by the slide? If you beat him once while at the park, he moves here. Then he’ll go back to the slide after another defeat. There’s not much point to it.

Moving along to the swing set, we can climb up the broken chains now that we’ve got a full party.

And get this sweet sticker of Hamtaro wind-surfing.

There’s also a minigame we can play while we’re up here, since that newspaper-reading hamster has gone elsewhere.

Since the swing is available now, we’re going to hurl Dexter off the swing at breakneck speeds.

He’s not too happy about it when you mess up. In order to successfully launch him, you have to get the swing going for full 180-degree arcs, then press A when the meter’s needle is in the tiny red section. Launch at a 45-degree angle to maximise distance (ignoring air resistance), if you remember your high school science classes.

And then suddenly he manages a graceful dismount.

Now that we’ve launched over the sandpit, we’ve got a new part of the park to explore…

...where this jerk manages to catch me off-guard.

Seems we weren’t the first to try and cross the sandpit that way. They’re all a little disappointed about their landings.

At least the one in the back’s a good sport about it.

Pushing over the toy here lets us climb back up to the swingset, but there’s still plenty more to see and do here.

For example, there’s a couple of tunnels to dig out. While being pursued by snakes, which you can supposedly scare off by pressing B.

Not that you’d really care, because even someone with incredibly weak mash-fu like myself only had the snake on screen for the last seven frames of the minigame.

On the other side of the tunnel, we can find the last hamster who wants some icecream, and that dude with the bulldozer who I’ll get to in a minute.

Climbing the orange trowel lets us go a little further beyond the sandpit, and I’d like to poke around here first.

With those sideburns, he truly is the daddliest of hamsters.

I dropped off my son Bobby at the nursery. Ohhh… I sure hope he’s behaving himself.

I’m sure he’s fine. How about you just leave him there and go to the Rainbow Theater?

I don’t look busy, but I’m busy right now. Let me be.

Ah, the good ol’-fashioned double take. And yes, he is going to just leave Bobby behind.

Hey, maybe you should keep a better grip on your balloon! Still, we’ll fetch it for you.

Climbing this pole looks like it should get us there… But who’s this guy?

Because of you, my students now want to stop training… and become students of the Ham-Hams and their ways! I will prove to you the strength of Ham-Ham Karate!

Oh dear. So, Headband-Ham and his top students are the toughest opponents we can face in RPG-style combat. His students deal three damage now, and they’re unlikely to waste turns while their instructor is still around. Headband-Ham himself can perform a charge to deal three damage to the whole party, or do a bodyslam to absolutely wreck one Ham-Ham.

Even with a better selection of party members (and the fact some of them are now stronger compared to the Chicky-Chickies fight), this guy may well curbstomp the Ham-Hams. Oh, and for the record, it is possible for some weaker Ham-Hams to have less than five health. Penelope has three, and is sadly not a lethal joke character.

I’ll even hand over my students! And this, too!

Now excuse me!

We’ve certainly managed to assemble a fine collection of trophies, haven’t we?

Now, let’s return that wayward balloon.

Here’s your reward! Take it! From now on, I’ll be real careful and hold on tight.

Jingle’s Lullaby is perhaps not being put to the best use… If there’s one Ham-Ham that doesn’t need help sleeping, it’s Snoozer.

Oh, and another of Mama-Ham’s missing offspring is up on the lamppost. Don’t ask me how it managed to get up here.

I would regain my strength if I saw a lively dance!

Back by the bulldozer, this guy has a rather peculiar demand. Luckily, Stan’s got it covered.

OK! I think I’ll give it a shot!

Well, the bulldozer certainly isn’t just a toy. Now that the rock’s been pushed aside, we can head through…

...and have Oxnard knock the last of Mama-Ham’s kids down off that truck for us.

There’s one last thing to do in the sandpit before we head back and see her, though.

I told you I’m OK. I’m going now.

And as soon as this guy leaves…

Will you take it to him? He’s probably somewhere around Flower Ranch. Thanks.

...I’m not sure I’d want to eat something that’s mostly sand. Maybe he left it behind on purpose… Still, we’ll go see what he says after we’re done here.

Huh! Rainbow Land’s Rainbow Theater? Of course, I’ll go! My children will be glad, too! Thanks!

It’s worth noting that Mama-Ham is indeed taking her kids with her, so this counts as handing out four invitations. That’s 10% completion, right here.

Ah, I’m sure you did your best, Buster. Here, have an invitation.

Huh? Rainbow Land’s Rainbow Theater? Sounds nice. Then I must go and protect the peace over there!

You’re the one to get it done, Buster! Of course, this invitation can’t be given out until the children are found.

Rainbow Theater? Sounds wonderful! Yes, I’ll go!

What! Is it OK? Yeah! Yeah!

And with these two, that’s all the invitations handed out for Ticky-Ticky Park. There’s only two things to do here now; one of them involves delivering that lunch, and the other is way back where the blue bird was before Howdy and Stan started shouting.

Oh? Well, check out these four trophies we’ve found!

It turns out that he likes them so much, we get a five-star sticker out of the deal. Now, let’s make a quick stop at Flower Ranch.

Please, give me the homemade lunch!

No worries, mate. Just make sure to check and double-check you’ve got what you need before you go out next time, huh?

...Are you being paid to clean this horse with a broom?

Anyway, the worried wife hands over one more five-star sticker as thanks for delivering those dumplings. Seeing such a big book reminds me of the old Ham-Chat dictionary… although they look nothing alike, of course.

While this update is almost as long as a regular one already, let’s go ahead and poke around Clover Elementary anyway. Consider it a bonus.

I think I’ll go now. Thank you!

Clover Elementary doesn’t have a whole lot that’s changed from our previous visit; aside from inviting Dr. Peanut, we only need to visit the principal’s office and one new place.

Thank you! I think I’ll go now. Let’s meet again!

We already knew that our friend Prince Omar was looking to travel, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy an unusual place like Rainbow Land.

Up on the nearby shelf where we were told about the locked book, it turns out that this potted plant can be walked upon.

Hmm? What’s going on up here?

I thought those ruffians would eat more excitingly. They simply lacked excitement. Isn’t there anyone else?

Y-yes! Yes! If it’s an exciting Ham-Ham you want, I’m here!

Stepping forth and announcing your name? Splendid. Let us see if you can show me a good time!

Ha ha heh heh! I’m gonna eat a ton!

Wow, this is all kinds of decadent and suspect. Still, I don’t think we’re going to stop Oxnard from trying to impress…

Golden seeds are worth five points, regular seeds worth one, peppers stun Oxnard for about two-thirds of a second. Seems straightforward, right?

Well, about halfway through the game, some severe ice physics get involved. Perhaps not quite La Mulana, Graveyard of the Giants levels of slipperiness, but still.

The amount of seeds thrown out definitely goes up to compensate for the loss of traction, though.

A gift? Do you mean sunflower seeds? Ha ha heh heh!

Well, you can’t say it wasn’t an appropriate sticker.

Is there a place where I can roll around freely?♪

I don’t know if you should roll around quite so high up, but here’s an invitation anyway.

Well, I’m going!♪

That’s three invitations given out here at school; there’s only four in total, and the last one’s in a new place.

Namely, this room that was closed off during the investigation into the missing shoe.

This room has something of a theme going.

It also has a decent amount of room to explore, both on the ground and up above.

One that melts in your mouth. Munch. Munch… Definitely a… proper snack for a gourmet Ham-Ham.

Ah, so you’re the one who’s got everyone wondering what turtle food tastes like. Mind you, I’m not sure a hamster should be eating that…

Up on the bench, we’re able to climb up to the top of the turtle tank for a quick minigame.

It’s just getting in the middle, waiting for the turtles to line up and making a dash for it. Nothing special.

I’m sure someone out there has a joke for this one.

Climbing down on the other side of the tank, there seems to be a very familiar hat hiding over there.

I’ve become bored with my work. Any case or mystery, I find to be much too simple.

Well then, sounds like you should take a break. Perhaps a trip to the Rainbow Theater is in order?

The Rainbow Theater? I’d like to go, but… I must decide what turtle food tastes like. Until I’ve come to a conclusion, I must stay in this area.

Determining what something tastes like is most easily achieved by sampling some yourself, I find.

Now that we have a case to solve, it’s time to head up onto the ledge under the chalkboard.

Fortunately, the humans are still leaving stuff lying around to be used as bridges.

My great song is nearing completion, but it’s still not right. Something’s missing. With your youth, would you be able to help me?

Well, Bijou does know how to play the Moonlight Sonata.

It’s a memory game. There’s two different Organ Lessons, and I’ve got videos of them here and here. Warning: Videos may be wholely uninteresting. I don’t know the tunes though, so if anyone wants to let the thread know, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks to you, I can finish a song for the ages! As a token of my thanks, let me give you this.


There’s also this flyer lying right here, so let’s go clean out the store!

Hey, this seems like it might come in handy…

And we even got to buy this adorable picture of Inspector Hams and Hamtaro out ‘On The Case’.

We’ve been wanting to try that! Do us a favour and give us some?

Here you go!

Thank you! Let’s try it now. Munch. Munch. Munch…


Th-that! That’s…

Patooey! Yuck! I guess that’s why it was only a rumor.

There’s a reason why we got to try some. Don’t complain.

Kudos on taking that in stride, by the way. Still, better you guys than us!

I doubt whether he’s really a gourmet eater.

Oooo… I feel sick from eating too much.

ie. More than none.

Indeed, any case is just way too simple for me.

Undoubtedly. Now, this invitation…

Um… Rainbow Theater? OK! I understand! I, Inspector Hams, feel a new case calling me! Well, friends, I must be going!

And with that, we’ve handed out 80% of our invitations! These last eight are for hamsters in the two new locations… Next time, we’ll finally be taking a look at those.