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Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue

by Yapping Eevee

Part 19: The greatest show in the sky.

With every ingredient collected and all forty invitations handed out, it’s time to return to Rainbow Land for the big show!

But before we get to the main presentation, let’s take a moment to chat with everyone who’s travelled to Rainbow Land.

It looks fluffy… and yummy!

What shall we do? I can’t wait. Hee!♪

When playing here, be sure not to get lost. Ha ha!

Heading up the escalator leads us into the main lobby, where we have a count of how many invitations we’ve handed out. There’s plenty more hamsters to chat with, too!

Mmmm. It looks like my turn won’t ever come.

Your turn for what…?

Ah, looks like the shopkeeper made it here as well. We’ll have a chat to her once we find Rainbow Land’s flyer.

Hey, guys! Thanks for showing me such a great place! Check the floor out! That took a grand effort, for sure!

Oh, it’s not so hard. First, you find a floating island, then you mine up some cloud blocks… The hard part is dealing with the wyverns.

I think you still need to relax, Mama-Ham.

I’m also not sure you should let your business venture go belly-up in order to see a play.

Heheh… It’s an old gag, but still a good one.

Anyway, let’s take a look on the left side first.

But since I found a fun friend, I’m… happy!

And chestnuts are really cute! I’m glad I met her.

That Championi is a hottie!♪ But Solara is more on the mature side. I can’t decide!

This has been an insight into Broski’s taste in women. I hope you all enjoyed.

He said he’s happy to be in such a high area. Uh-huh! I’m glad that he’s happy!♪

Ukii ukii.

Who should I be friends with? I can’t decide!♪

As soon as we’re done talking to everyone else, Solara. Also, I think Broski over there might fit your definition of fabulous. Possibly.

Eating too many peanuts results in a bloody nose!

Ah, this claim is something of an urban legend in Japan. Or so I’m told.

Back when we started handing out invitations, I said that we weren’t looking around Rainbow Land because it was empty, and not all of it was open. Specifically, the rooms on the left and right sides of the lobby would have ropes between these stanchions, blocking off the room in the back that connects them.

I looked this up after the last update; Djungarians are a breed of hamster.

Bo! What is this big machine?

I’m glad you asked me! This machine lets you play all the Ham Games you’ve already played!


Just get in front of it and press A!

Alright, let’s take a look…

...135 games?! Granted, that includes all the variations of things like Organ Lesson or Butterfly Bridge, but that’s still a pretty decent number. You can even replay minigames that were one-time only in their original locations, like Chicken Battle or Orange Catch.

Rainbow Land actually has its own set of stickers to earn; you have to play minigames and earn sunflower points using this machine to get them. And since there’s no tasks around, you’ll have to get the one-star stickers by failing some minigames! Sorry, all you perfectionists out there.

Hmm, this poster stand is green instead of violet.

It’s also the source of the last hidden colouring-in picture! Pressing L, A, L, B, A, B, R, R will earn you the Rainbow Riders picture, which means we’re almost done finding all of them.

Oh, and that rainbow hole below Bo is an exit point… in an area we can’t access until after the Select shortcut is activated. Anyway, down to the right-hand room.

You will have an incredible encounter here…

This place is pretty incredible already, Hamstarr. Still, I hope that means the play will be good.

It doesn’t look like I need to worry about drowning here!♪

Clouds are made of water, you know… But I’ll be impressed if you do drown in them. And slightly mystified.

I bet it would work if I opened a store and lived here!

I haven’t played the next game yet, but I’ll have to keep an eye out for Lolly and Ice when the time comes. (I’m sure I’ll end up playing it at some point.)

Better than hanging around, warning hamsters about disappearing floors all day, huh?

And then Omar turns toward the fourth wall and gives the audience a knowing wink. (Not really.)

Ah! Are you thinking of ham-and-seek? Roll, roll!

For some reason, when I stumble, I can’t get up!♪

Dharma Doll and Stucky seem like they’d get on pretty well, I think.

There’s one more place to look before the show starts, and that’s in the theatre itself.

It’s a pretty fancy place, I must say.

Nice to see you too, Sparkle.

Hurry up and start!

I can’t wait!

Make your own jokes, people.

I feel so much younger just from looking at them! Ho ho ho! I’ll keep up with you saplings yet!

I’ve spotted many famous Ham-Hams.♪ What a scoop!

Leave everything to me. Hmm…

And with that, we’ve talked to all forty of our guests! Let’s get on with the show!

Hamtaro! We have a big problem!

Wh-what is it… this time?

You’re not gonna believe this! The house is packed!

We did it!



Oh, hey everyone!

We also invited the Ham-Hams from the Clubhouse.

O… OK!

But, there is one problem…

What is it?

We have yet to figure out who will play the bad guy.

That’s right… The moment you’ve all been waiting for… Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you all to witness…

The Return of Red Punster!


From now on, I want you to have your own adventure, instead of going on one for me! There are still lots of things you don’t know about!

Of course, Bo!

OK, Ham-Hams, let’s get going!

Heheh… There’s still some things we have to take care of, of course.

I wish they wouldn’t put such stuff in the newspaper.

Hey, we’re more than happy to take it off your hands!

It’s a token of my appreciation. Please take it, OK?

Mama-Ham gives us the second-last picture, Ham-and-Seek. And of course, now we can go look in Rainbow Land’s store.

The Rainbow Land store is… certainly more colourful than the rest!

It contains the last couple of mats we need, and this final picture called Nearly Identical.

I made it myself, so it’s not perfect. But it’s a token of my appreciation!

Thanks a lot, Buster! It’s been a pleasure helping everyone out.

It’s also been a great pleasure making this Let’s Play, and I hope each and every one of you who read it enjoyed Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue. I’ve got a lot of stickers that need collecting if I’m going to show those off… Fortunately, 421-451 are all completion medal stickers, and a few minutes on Bo’s machine earned 21 of the other 119. It’ll mainly be a hassle when there’s only one more I need in an area and it keeps giving me doubles instead.

As for other potential bonus updates, I’m considering having a try at colouring all those pictures we’ve picked up... But this is the final main update, so I must say Bye-Q for now, and wish you all the very best!