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Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue

by Yapping Eevee

Part 21: Appendix B: Art Gallery

Welcome to the second and final bonus update, everyone! This is simply to show off the pictures we’ve collected throughout the game, all in one place and with a bit of colour to them.

Speaking of, it turns out that each picture has its own selection of colours that are available to use. So on some occasions, Ham-Hams appear a little off-coloured simply because the right one is not made available. Oh, and the .gif above is to show off the shorthand the game appears to be using to colour each picture quickly when loading.

Now with attempted dramatic shading.


If you feel like making pretentious artsy comments about any of these pictures, go ahead and maybe I’ll edit them into the update. (If you can write a description of this LP for baldurk to use in the archive, I might accept that too! I think the limit’s about 250 characters.) Aside from that, we’re done here! Peace, folks. Or rather, Tran-Q!