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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 1: Episode 1: Drama, Excitement, and Adventure! A New Case Begins!

The main menu is similar to the previous game, though the Archive has been replaced by something called “Radio”. We don’t have anything in any of the bonus sections right now, though, so let’s go straight to Story.

We only have access to one of the chapters to start, so let’s get right to it.

We thought they were just an urban legend—until now! They’re after the tree, and that rhymes with T, which stands for Trouble, right here in Littledove Hachiman City.
Christmas trees, disappearing. A dark shadow, wriggling just out of sight.
Can our faithful heroes from St. Pigeonation’s put an end to this mystery before it puts an end to them!?

Umm… it’s almost six.

The time really flew by today; before I knew it, it was already nearing closing time.

You’re not running late, are you? It’s already dark out.
Tell me about it. We were all talking about the nice autumn leaves and all just a few days back, and now I’m darned if it ain’t winter.
Christmas, even, is just a few days away. Swift indeed is the passage of time.
Well, I’d better be heading back. Azami’ll be getting out of work soon.
Be careful, Mr. Rabu! There are all kinds of hooligans out and about at this time of night.

Are you sure you’re not relying on her a little too much…?
We put up our Christmas tree today. Please, have a look at it as you leave.
You did!? I never saw it on my way in. I’ll have to get a real good look at it to make up.
Mr. Urushihara and I put a lot of time into decorating it. I hope you like it!
You bet I will. See y’all around!

The bell on the door rang as he left the cafe.

December certainly does feel like the end of the year. I wonder how much busier it will be at this time next year…

No, not really… I just want to make sure I can take care of my mother.
Worries are an important part of youth, as well.
And sometimes problems will simply disappear as you try to solve them. You never know.

A moment of silence passed between us. I was a little nervous, but I thought maybe Mr. Urushihara would be able to help me out with something.

Umm, Mr. Urushihara… Could I ask you for some advice? I’ve had a lot on my mind…
But of course. I am more than happy to provide whatever assistance I—

Before Mr. Urushihara could finish his sentence, however, I heard a loud commotion coming from outside the store.
The music stops.

That came from out front.
I believe it did… Let us go see what has happened.

We both rushed out of the café.

What on earth—


I recognized him immediately.

Mr. Rabu! Are you all right!?
Have you been injured?
Aaa… aaargh…
I let my guard down… They got me from… behind…
They got you!? Do you need an ambulance!? It must have somebirdie settling a grudge from your biker gang days…
N-no! That’s not it…

The music stops.

Ryouta had been telling me a story about his work shift last night, but he lost me there at the end.

No, no! They’re real! They’re out in the streets right now, spreading misery and destruction!
They’ve been coming up on the news a lot, too. Haven’t you seen the headlines? “The Christmas Thieves Invade Littledove Hachiman City at Last!”
Hmm… No, this is the first I’ve heard of them… I think…

Forget the thieves, this is the first time I’ve heard the name of this town!
I guess it just never comes up in conversation or anything. The more you know~☆

Do they show up every year at this time? I don’t remember hearing about them last year.

I worked at Mr. Urushihara’s shop, Torimi Café, during the summer.
The job was only until August, but apparently he decided he could use help for December, as well.
The wilderness gets very cold this time of year, making it dangerous to come home late, so I left it to Ryouta this time. (That and I need time to study!)
And… it sounds like Torimi Café is the mysterious thieves’ latest victim.
This smacks of drama! Drama, excitement, and adventure!

The music stops.

Wh-what was that for!?

Just getting the feel for it. There’s been an incident, right?
I need to make sure my finger-pointing is sufficiently dramatic for when I need to use it!
Eeeeh…? Please don’t go around pointing and shouting at stuff, you’ll give me a heart attack…

It’s too late for that, Ryouta! I’ve already entered investigation mode!

Tell me! Who’s the victim? And the suspect?

And when we found him, the tree was gone.

The music stops.

Wh-wh-wh-wh-what was that for!?

What do you mean, “the tree was gone”???
Please don’t shout everything! You can just ask!
Sorry, I got excited. Teehee!

They must be wandering the town stealing any trees they see. It’s… it’s horrible!
Mr. Urushihara and I worked really hard to decorate that tree, too…
And now all the customers who were looking forward to seeing it will be disappointed…
Monstrous! How could they steal Mr. Urushihara’s incredibly classy hand-decorated tree!?
Let’s look for the thieves! Christmas is at the weekend. They must still be in town!
Mmm, I wonder… They probably are still prowling around here looking for trees…

We can start today!
You two are awfully loud today. Can you not grant the rest of us a little piece and quiet?

A familiar, pompous voice rang out behind me.

Oh! Sakuya, listen! They’ve appeared! The White Demons stand poised to Shatter the Silence of that most Holy Night!
You can’t just go around giving things nicknames like a certain someone next door, Goon…

Ryouta shook his head as he turned to talk to Sakuya.

Christmas trees are being stolen all around town, Sakuya. Maybe you’ve already heard?

Is there not more important news to be run now, of all seasons? How telling it is that so much attention is devoted to such foolishness.
You don’t like Christmas, Sakuya?
What!? From where do you think I hail, plebian?
France… right?
Oh, of course. Christmas probably means a lot more to you than to us Japanese people.

I have even deigned to place it near the window, so that the masses may gaze up at it in awe and wonder. Be grateful!
He who does not celebrate Christmas is no true bird… That is the importance Christmas holds for us.

In other words, Sakuya gets extra jolly this time of year… Better take notes!

Trees are being stolen from in front of shops and on the sidewalk and other easily-visible places, so you should probably be careful too, Sakuya. Don’t let it get stolen!
Hmph! Do not place me on the same level as you Orientals, with your infantile understanding of private security. Did I not say I overlook nothing?

Sakuya… We call that sort of line a “flag”, here in Japan.
Oh well, that’s not our problem now! We must try to find the Christmas Thieves before they strike again!

Let’s start our investigation by asking people around town, Ryouta.
Good idea.
Let us know if you hear anything new or get robbed, Sakuya!
How many times must I tell you!? My tree will not be stolen!

As Sakuya yelled to us about his tree safety, Ryouta and I left the classroom to start our investigation.
The music stops.

Upon leaving the building, Ryouta and I are greeted by the sight of Okosan prancing about on the track.
Prancing, or… maybe skipping? I’m not sure. At any rate, he appears to be in pointlessly high spirits.

You’re in a good mood today, San.
Did something good happen?
Coooooo! (It’s Christmas! Christmas is almost here!)

What! Another Christmas fiend!?
Is there something about Christmas that wakes the ancestral jollity inside a dove’s heart?

Coo, coooo! (Everything is sparkly on Christmas! Okosan is excited!)
Coo, coooo! (And everything smells like delicious food! Okosan is very excited!)
Western pastry shops always look so tempting this time of year…

Okosan had gotten me caught up in thinking about Christmas treats, but thankfully Ryouta was a good assistant and curved the conversation to our job.

You spend a lot of time in department stores, right, San? Have you heard anything about the Christmas Thieves?

Villains out to steal pretty Christmas trees!
Coo, coo! (Christmas trees? Yes! Okosan knows about them!)
Cooooo! (The trees at Okosan’s favorite High Society Seagull Department Store disappeared!)
High Society Seagull Department Store… Do you know where that is, Ryouta?
Yeah, I’ve worked at the samples table there. I’ll show you the way.

Hopefully the security at a High Society store would give us some leads on the Christmas Thieves.
Here we come, High Society Seagull Department Store!
The music stops.