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Original Thread: Let's Play Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star: My Winter Vacation Blog!



Since the game is technically a sequel, there are a lot of references and spoilers to the original game scattered throughout. Thankfully, I did an LP of it here that you can check out and catch up on before you continue to read this thread. Alternatively, you can purchase the game here and play it yourself! It is highly advised that you read through it one way or another beforehand, otherwise you’re going to be lost at parts!

What’s this game?

Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star is the sequel to the original Hatoful Boyfriend and-

Sword Hunter Gil, in the previous thread posted:

There’s a sequel to this triumph of insanity!?

Indeed there is! Due to the reception of the first game, Hato Moa created a sequel, which focuses on showing what wintertime is like at St. Pigeonation’s for our favorite cast of birdies.
It was released in English on Christmas 2012, and ends up being more of a collection of side-stories to Hatoful Boyfriend rather than a true sequel. Rather than being a dating simulator and focusing on ~romance~, Holiday Star contains four interconnected vignettes about winter break, as well as lots of bonus content for fans of the first game. I feel that moving away from the dating sim structure and focusing more on dedicated storylines really allowed Hato Moa’s writing to shine through, and allowed the writing to focus more on a narrative and character development than the sort of fragmentation that is inherent in dating sim-style games. It also has more event CGs, so there’s lots of original art interspersed with the real-life photos of birds.

How’s the LP going to work?

We will once again be following the amazing adventures of Goon Lourde and her chick helmet for this LP.

This is going to be a screenshot LP. Since there’s a lot of bonus content that unlocks as we complete the main stories, I’ll be showing it off as we gain access to it. Like last time, I’ll be adding in additional dialogue to fill out some of the sparser bits of the game. This game also has more to take note of, so I will likely be including more information on the references made within the game. There are also very few choices to be made, so there won’t be a vote like last time, but you guys will still have a little say in the direction of this LP.

All additions to the dialogue will be in italics. All notes added (musical cues, additional information, etc.) will be in bold.

Additional Notes
No spoilers. There’s a lot more of a developing story within these vignettes, so spoilers for Holiday Star should be avoided.
Spoilers for the original game are free reign.

And in order to curb a couple of questions I expect to pop up eventually: As far as canon goes, any information that we learned about the characters from the first game applies in this game as well. The events of the first game only apply when necessary, but all character backgrounds are relevant.

Chapter 1: The Christmas Thieves Attack! or, Turnabout for the Holidays
Episode 1: Drama, Excitement, and Adventure! A New Case Begins!
Episode 2: Investigation at the High Society Seagull Department Store
Episode 3: Investigation Day 1 End, An Ominous Late Night Operation
Episode 4: The Christmas Thieves Strike Again!
Episode 5: The Culprits are Revealed, and a Trap is Set!
Episode 6: The Trap is Sprung! Crashing a Christmas Party
Episode 7: The Christmas Thieves Strike! A Desperate Struggle
Episode 8: Captured! The Christmas Thieves Tell All
Episode 9: Shuu's New Assistants! Chapter 1 End

Chapter 1 Bonus Material
Radio 1: Living With Birds
Shrine Visit 1: Anghel
Shrine Visit 2: Okosan
Shrine Visit 3: Yuuya
Shrine Visit 4: Nageki
Shrine Visit 5: Shuu
Shrine Visit 6: Kazuaki
Shrine Visit 7: Sakuya
Shrine Visit 8: Ryouta

Chapter 2: Fallen Chronicles - Absolute Zero or, Anghel's Bizarre Adventure: Delusion Is Not Crash
Episode 10: Rally Cry of the Crimson Angel! Preparations for Battle
Episode 11: Ragnarok Approaches! Battle at the Tokyo Big Sight
Episode 12: The First Meetings Begin! The Golden Winged Messenger's Effect
Episode 13: Infiltrating Golden Weekly! The True Scheme Discovered
Episode 14: Surpassed!? Flashback: The Messenger's Motives
Episode 15: The Day Arrives! The Messenger's Wild Attack
Episode 16: Pretty Coore! Open My Hato! The Counterattack
Episode 17: The Messenger Defeated! Chapter 2 End

Chapter 2 Bonus Material
Hatocatch Pretty Coore Dream Drop☆
Radio 2: The Pigeon and The Partridge
Legumentine's Chronicles
Radio 3: Special Talk Show

Chapter 3: The Day the Night Slept or, Journey of Dreams
Episode 18: Nageki's Confession, and the Astronomy Club Event
Episode 19: An Eclipsing Evening
Episode 20: Travelling
Episode 21: First Impressions of the Holiday Star
Episode 22: The First Request - The Mysterious Restaurant
Episode 23: The Second Request - The Exploding Garden
Episode 24: The Third Request - The Approaching Rain
Episode 25: Predawn - Chapter 3 End

Chapter 3 Bonus Material
Radio 4: Spoilers Ahead!
Midnight Attack of the Nightmare

Chapter 4: The Day the Night Slept (After) or, Nightmare in Dreamland
Episode 26: The Dream Will Not End
Episode 27: An Unexpected Obstacle
Episode 28: Smash the World's Shell
Episode 29: The Lying Picture Book
Episode 30: The Uneclosed Picture Book
Episode 31: The Decorated Picture Book
Episode 32: The Black and White Picture Book
Episode 33: The King's Story
Episode 34: The King's Picture Book
Episode 35: Yuuya's Confrontation
Episode 36: Picture Book
Episode 37: Reunion, But Still Something is Missing
Episode 38: A Full Party
Episode 39: The Lighthouse, Determination
Episode 40: Resolution
Episode 41: Peace, The Return to Normal

Chapter 4 Bonus Material
Radio 5: Human Form Questions
Albert's Secret
Preliminary Inspection
Aftermath, Pt. 1
Radio 6: Extra-Large Edition
Aftermath, Pt. 2
The Day the Night Slept (After After)
Aftermath, Pt. 3

Our Main Character

Lourde Goon
The protagonist and narrator. Plucky and cheerful, she is friendly to all of her schoolmates. The only human student at St. Pigeonation’s. Wears a yellow chick helmet in a futile effort to fit in with her peers. Her favorite food is udon.
Her canonical name is Tosaka Hiyoko, where Hiyoko means “chick” in Japanese.

The Husbandoves

Kawara Ryouta
Birthday: December 3
Goon’s childhood friend and a rock dove. He is kind and responsible, but also has an easily upset stomach and poor health. He works during the school year in order to take care of his mother, who is also rather sickly.
His name uses an alternate spelling of Kawara, which stands for the “rock” part of “rock dove”.

Nanaki Kazuaki
Birthday: September 23
The homeroom teacher for room 2-3 and a button quail. Mild-mannered and kind, he teaches mathematics and is considered to be incredibly brilliant. However, he is a narcoleptic and is known to fall asleep during his own lectures.
Kazuaki shares a kanji from the Japanese name for the button quail in his family name.

Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya
Birthday: June 23
A French transfer student and a fantail pigeon. Comes from a noble family, shows it through his snobbish attitude towards his classmates. Apparently related to Sakazaki Yuuya.

Fujishiro Nageki
Birthday: October 19
Freshman student and a mourning dove. Very quiet and stand-offish, he spends a lot of time in the library reading.
The name Nageki comes from the “mourning” part of “mourning dove”.

Sakazaki Yuuya
Birthday: April 25
Upperclassman and a fantail pigeon. Very charismatic, imfamous at St. Pigeonation’s for his flirty attitude. Apparently related to Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya.

Iwamine Shuu
Birthday: December 12
The school doctor and a chukar partridge. Notable for his work, but has an unsettling reputation among the student body. Very cold and known to sneak up on students.
Shuu shares a kanji from the Japanese name for the chukar partridge in his family name.

Oko San
Birthday: July 12
A sophomore student and a fantail pigeon. He is captain of the track team and rather hyperactive. He is a big fan of pudding to an almost obsessive level. He can only speak in coos.
Oko San’s model is Hato Moa’s own fantail pigeon, also named Oko San.

Higure Anghel
A sophomore student and a Luzon bleeding-heart dove. In the other second year class and seems very dramatic. Refers to other students by fantasy titles rather than their names.

Other Characters

Koshiba Azami
A Java sparrow. She rides a pink motor scooter, and is known to drive very carefully. She sells takoyaki and often shouts “Carve it into your soul!” Part of a biker gang called Hell's Birdies.
On her gijinka design, she wears a long coat with her species name written in very complicated kanji. This is a common trend in members of Japanese biker gangs.

Urushihara Kenzaburou
An “extremely elegant” parakeet. Well-spoken and polite, he is the gentlemanly owner of the Torimi Café.

A yellow budgerigar with a Kansai accent. He is a regular customer at Torimi Café, and is friends with the owner, Kenzaborou. He seems out-of-place in the café environment due to his brash attitude and his unkempt appearance.

Mr. One
A cockatiel and the janitor of St. Pigeonation's. Does not tend to talk to students and is considered a dandy, though he seems to be an acquaintance of Yuuya's.

Miru and Kaku
Two mischievous bird... creatures. Filled with an insatiable love for Christmas.

Nishikikouji Tohri
A golden pheasant and the editor-in-chief for Golden Weekly, a manga magazine. Believes in artistry and beauty above all else, and has a particular fondness for his own name.

The King
The king of the Holiday Star. He seems rather quick to cry, but he is very forward and does his best for his citizens.

ElTipejoLoco shows a day in the life of Goon: fighting off jackals, then sitting down with them for a nice bowl of udon.

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