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Part 10: Radio 1: Living With Birds

Part 1: Living With Birds

Hi, everybirdie! I’m Kawara Ryouta, a rock dove from 2-3. I seem to be in charge of the questions corner.
I think you all can tell what we’re doing here just from the name, but… since it’s the first time, I’ll explain.
In the How and Why Question Box, I’ll be answering letters you’ve all sent in.

It’ll be pretty relaxed. Bear with us!
Because this is the first time, I’ve made sure to pick things which don’t spoil any of the BBL route from the full version.
If you haven’t finished yet, spoiler landmines can be scary! But don’t worry, there won’t be any of those here.
Let’s get started, then!

Now, for our very first letter, from one “Aviophile”. This is a historic moment, everybirdie!

…Y-you seem awfully sure about this…!
Ummm… Actually, Hiyoko told me a little about her dream wedding a long time ago.

If she still wants to have a bungee wedding, a dress would be risky for either of us… It would be nice if we could wear our streetclothes.
Anyway, next letter!

I don’t know what life expectancies were like before, but some have increased over the past 100 years or so.

…Doves still have much shorter lives than humans, though. That’s just how it is.
Oh, sorry! We’re getting gloomy already. Let me change course a little!
Let’s regroup and move on to the next letter.

I was told to answer anything for Hiyoko as best I could. Umm…
Hiyoko’s really something. She’s been wild and rugged ever since we were very young… I’ve always admired her, too.
She never really complains, so I’m not sure I know of anything that’s really given her trouble.
The one time I can think of would be the time her den got hijacked.

It looked really tough. As long as there are living creatures, there will always be turf wars.
She said the fight with the boss jackal lent an entirely new meaning to the phrase “domestic violence”, so maybe that’s a good example of a quarry which gave her trouble, as well.

…The next letter is addressed to Nageki.

I think we should have him answer this himself.
Nageki! Nageki, are you here?

Oh, good! I was worried I’d have to call you on the announcer.
Is that microphone on?
Yup! We’re on the air right now.
W-wait! Don’t leave yet!

Just answer one question! Please?
……Fine. But once I’ve answered, I’m leaving.
Thank you! This letter was asking if you make wishes on Tanabata. I’d like to know what you wish for, too…
I don’t. Wishes are for superstitious children.
Dr. Iwamine always makes one…
Oh! Did you make them when you were younger?
What sort of things did you wish for back then?

I’m always hoping for the same thing… I know how it is.
…Are we done? I’m leaving.
Oh, yes. Sorry for holding you up. See you!

The next one is for San! It isn’t signed. It’s a little long, but I’ll try to read it in one go.

“Hif-hif” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for sniffing.

“Mofu-mofu” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for feeling something fluffy.

“Ha-ha” is the Japanese onomatopoeia for me feeling glad that I don’t have to transcribe this mess.

Coo, coo! (Your love has been delivered!)
Cooooooo! (Will you accompany Okosan on a journey? True Pudding awaits!)

On that note, the last letter here is for San, as well. From one “Ori”!

Umm, I think I should start by talking about San’s actor. This will get a bit meta.

In reality, he isn’t interested in pudding at all. Please don’t try to feed a dove pudding!
Doves aren’t particularly hard to care for. Anyone who’s kept a budgie or sparrow or anything should find it pretty easy.
A racing bird would be a little more difficult, but for a fantail or the like a fairly small cage is fine. A rabbit cage works very well.
However, doves aren’t very common pets, so there aren’t many veterinarians who know how to treat them.
Doves are usually very healthy, and rarely get sick, but you might want to make sure there’s a clinic nearby which will receive them just in case.
They’re not common in general pet stores, but there’s usually a section for doves in places that specialize in birds. Have a look around!

Broadcast End