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Part 27: Hatocatch Pretty Coore Dream Drop☆

So during the last thread, Hato Moa released a special April Fool’s story called “Hatocatch Pretty Coore Dream Drop”, based on the anime referenced in this chapter of Holiday Star. Forum user nielsm was nice enough to do a rough translation of the story in the original thread, but it has since been properly translated, so I thought it’d be a good idea to revisit it now.

Also, a quick note: This translation seems to have running lines, so a word may occasionally be spread across multiple lines in the screenshots.
Also also, another quick note: There a couple tracks that aren’t directly credited and that I can’t find in any of Hato Moa’s usual sources, so if you know one of the tracks with an “Unknown” artist, let me know!

It’s no good… The fire’s already here…
Anghelrun! Anghelrun!

You’re safe! Thank Miyazawa…
The Land of Tranquil Everlasting Spring has been covered in Demon Mist… What is this…!?
The Wallenhawk nation attacked. Everyone is still fighting bravely at the castle, but we don’t have the power…
So, run. Please run, Anghelrun!
I cannot. I shall fight too!

Hoho, so this is where you were hiding?
I was ordered to capture every fairy. Please don’t run around so!

Let us make this quick, shall we? You know what will happen if you don’t come quietly.
Hurry! Hurry and run, Anghelrun! Leave this to me!

The music stops.

I hit the alarm on my clock and slowly shifted myself into an upright position.


My name is Kawara Ryouta. I’m a pigeon and I go to the bird school, St. Pigeonation’s.
There are all kinds of birds there, but I’m just a normal rock dove, the same kind everyone sees everywhere.
I’m a normal dove with a normal life. Today I’ll eat and go to school, just like every other da--
I was interrupted from my monologue by the sound of my window breaking.
The music stops.


M-mom, help! There’s a weird bird in my room!
Wait, don’t panic! It is too early to bring your parents in to this!
Wait, you’re hurt! There’s blood everywhere! A-are you okay!?
Fear not! This is but a mark of sun, carved on me since birth…

So… That’s just a marking on his plumage…?
That’s right, isn’t there a kind of pigeon in the tropics with a red spot like that?

Well, if you’re not hurt, that’s good…

You smashed open my window and now you’re kidnapping me…!? That’s too much! If you’re trying to take me hostage, do it when I’m on my way to school like a normal person!
This is no abduction. I cannot wake the power of legend if you do not come of your own will…!

Fallen Fairy…? That’s a new one.
Featherland, my adoptive home, has been attacked by the forces of Wallenhawk. At this rate, Fairyland will be plunged into eternal darkness…!
The fairies know only peace and the sweet scent of flowers, and are ill-suited for battle.
The invisible boot of Wallenhawk shall trample down and crush our paradise!
Okay, got it.

The music stops.

I guess it’s finally spring. All the weirdos coming out of the woodwork…
O arbiter of the law, please do not refer to me as weird…!
He’s weird.
Very weird.
Confound it…!

Do not treat me as a child…!
Um, I’d better get to school. Is it okay if I leave him with you?
Of course. Have a nice day.

Before the policebird was able to take the strange bird into custody, a loud explosion echoed through the city, causing a small earthquake.

The music stops.

Wh-what was that noise?
The Demon Mist… So, it has begun…!
What was that noise? Hmm… I see smoke from the school. Is there a fire?
From the school!?

I couldn’t waste any time. I ran quickly towards the school, hoping that nothing too bad had happened.

Aaah! The schoolyard is a mess! It looks like it got hit by a meteor…

A bird came stumbling out of the wrecked school building. Is that…

K-Kawara! Be careful, it’s dangerous here!
Prof. Nanaki! What happened?
The beast! The terrible monster…!

Loud footsteps shook the ground. Something big was coming towards us.

Th-the ground is shaking!

A pink pelican!
Why is there a giant pink pelican!?
I don’t know! And why are you calling it pink? It’s white!
They’re only pink during the mating season, professor! Also, in English they’re just called “white pelicans”.
I see… Hmm, that’s going to cause some problems in the English release.

While Mr. Nanaki and I spoke about the identity of this monster, it took its chance to strike.

Aieeeee! Help!
Munsh munsh!
S-sir! Hold on! You can still escape with your life!
It’s no good…!
Gaaaaaaaaaaaah! Spit him out! Spit him out, you stupid pelican which knows not with what it trifles!

But it was too late. I could hear a loud gulp coming from the pelican.

Aaah… I’ve heard of pelicans eating other birds alive before, but this is too much…
Wahahaha! Well done, Dark Pelican! Destroy this puerile monument to youthful glee!
You! Are you the one who released this monstrosity!?

You need to learn to control your pets! Look at the misery you’ve wrought!
Misery is my job! I am here to stylishly flatten this town, in the name of the Empire!
Attack, Dark Pelican! Leave nothing standing! Consume all!

No! Not me, you imbecile! Put me down!

Does this pelican have no standards…!?

Now, the only thing standing in the way of the pelican was… me.

Aaah, I’ve got to run! But at this rate it’ll eat the entire school! What do I do…!?

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of glass breaking from the school. Who--


This isn’t the time for that! This scene was supposed to be dramatic!
Listen to me! And make a wish! Call forth the power of love to protect peace and tranquility!
Th-the power of love…?
The power of love! Don’t you want to protect this school, and this town…!?
I do, but I’m just a pigeon! How am I supposed to fight that pelican!?


That’s right… All my memories, good and bad, are of this town, of this school. And those memories can never be replaced…!

I… I want to protect everyone!

I could feel… something growing inside of me. I felt a wave of energy and--

As foretold in legend, the Pretty Coore know no pain from fatigue, indigestion, minor to severe bruising, lower back pain, or muscle stiffness! Go, and fight with all your heart!
It’s working! This is amazing! I punched something and it hurt it more than it hurt me!
Now! Strike the beast in its evil vitals!
Leave it to me!

Now I just need to get everybirdie out of its stomach. Hopefully they’ll just be a little vinegary…
Well done, chosen one! But… this fight is not yet won!
Huh? It isn’t?
The soldiers of Wallenhawk still remain…!

The music stops.

What? Isn’t that backwards? Shouldn’t the soldiers come out first, and the boss fight come last?

I mean, I took out the beast already, a bunch of soldiers shouldn’t be a problem… Bring it on!

H-hey, Anghelrun! These soldiers seem awfully strong! Like, way stronger than the boss!
Battles are won by numbers… such is the way of the Cursed Realm!
So, I’m outnumbered and you’re saying that’s bad?

But being a Pretty Coore makes you strong! And does wonders for your stomach.
That is not an issue for me!

Already!? It’s only chapter two!
Use caution, chosen one! This monster crawled with terrible power from the deepest pits of Hell…!
By the way, I’m your dad!

The music stops.


The sound of glass breaking is heard.

Nooooo, not AGAIN!